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Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak and Body Purification

Sea Soak
(Sea Salts Plus Magnesium)

A blend of North Pacific, Mediterranian and Holy Lands Dead Sea Salts enhanced with Magnesium for bath soaking use in conjunction with or without G.O.E. Body Purification.

This will be the most relaxing, soothing and therapeutic bath you have ever taken in your life. This product actually carries a warning that it WILL cause drowsiness.

     Since ancient times people have benefited by bathing in rich waters of the Dead Sea in Israel and other Sea Salts. Every year millions of tourists and patients travel to the Dead Sea in pursuit of natural beauty and temporary relief from the pain and discomfort of Psoriasis, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Eczema and Muscular Pain. 

How is sea salt different that table salt?


Table salt comes from dry salt bed and salt mines. Thousands of years of water washed out the mineral contents and therefore table salts are devoid of mineral content. While oceans always increase in mineral content, table salts have lost their mineral content.  


You may have heard the expression that oceans are always becoming saltier – which is true. Oceans are also always becoming more mineral rich.


Minerals endlessly wash out of the land into rivers and ultimately on to the oceans. When water is distilled or evaporates, the minerals are left behind – which is why distilled water is devoid of both contaminates and minerals. Thus water endlessly evaporates and returns to the land as rain and snow, but the water washed minerals out of the land into the oceans where the minerals will stay.


Skin is porous. It excretes wastes and sweat. But it also absorbs. Sea salt baths are to allow the skin to absorb the minerals of the sea and the benefits of salt therapy also.


Why magnesium supplementing?

Other than calcium, magnesium is the most vital of minerals for the human body. The body can not even process calcium without magnesium. Magnesium also is particularly beneficial to joints and muscles, and soaking in a magnesium-rich is well proven to relax muscle and joint pains. The relaxing effect is very notable. A sea salt and magnesium bath soak before bedtime will give you a wonderful night’s sleep.


You probably have read many who are involved in alternative health care who criticize the established medical community. You also may be aware of the established medical community often criticizing views of alternative practices. In this, when you find uniform agreement between both, you know that you have found answers.


WORLDWIDE ESTABLISHED MEDICAL STUDIES from dozens of formal medical studies have proven the benefits of magnesiumand the terrible physical and mental ailments that occur in magnesium deficiencies. Again, these are results from formal medical studies from around the world. What they have found of the benefits from sufficient magnesium and harms of magnesium deficiency will gain your attention.


The necessity to have sufficient intake of Magnesium - which is very inexpensive and easily accomplished - is VERY well proven in scientific and medical studies conducted around the world. They also stress the wide range of ailments a person will suffer - physically and mentally with a magnesium deficiency. To read of formal medical studies of the benefits of magnesium, CLICK HERE


Is "youth wasted on the young?|" Great attention is paid to athletes and young people in terms of muscle stress and stains in terms of addressing the problem directly. Yet with those older in years, the solution generally given in the health field is to just take another pain pill. Sea Soak addresses the causes of muscle and joint discomfort, rather than merely attempting to temporarily mask it with pain pills.

How to use G.O.E. Sea Soak Plus Magnesium


It is best used before bedtime, nighttime relaxing or before an afternoon nap. It should not be used just prior to traveling (driving) or when you might be exerting a great amount of physical effort. It is excellent after exerting great amounts of physical energy such as sports, jogging, weight training or cycling. However, it is perfect for after physical activity as it will relax your muscles.


Add 1 to 2 cups to warm bath water at the time you start filling the tub, as it will take a few minutes to dissolve. DO NOT USE any soap, bubble bath or any fragrances. Soap does not interact well with salt and bath fragrances actually are usually harmful and interfering to a person’s breathing in steamy air.


You can add 1 to 2 cups of Body Purification for the cleansing and oxygenating effects of H202. However, this is not necessary for the benefits of sea salts and magnesium.  


Then just relax for 10 or 15 minutes. If you need to add hot water along this time to keep it warm to your liking that is fine.

AFTER the soak, briefly shower wash residual salt from the skin. Using soap or shampoo for the shower is fine if you wish, but is not necessary.






If you have a spa or a tube with water jets, the result will be particularly pleasing and effective. If your spa or jet-tube has a heating system, you will not want to get out. G.O.E. Sea Soak plus Magnesium will not damage the pipes or pump system in any way.


If you suffer from Rheumatism, Arthritis, Lupus or other conditions affecting joints and muscles, this will relieve much of the pain. However, if the condition generally making getting out of a tub or standing difficult, this could compound the problem as your joints, tendons, and muscles will be very relaxed after the soak. Those with serious lower joint difficulties generally already are using a shower stool or chair and should then also do so in showering after a sea salts and magnesium bath soak.

For any bathing, people with high blood pressure should not make the water too hot as very hot water in any bath can increase blood pressure.

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PRODUCT for those who have difficulty sleeping at night and particularly for those who have the additional suffering of bedtime leg and ankle pain.

Sea Soak
(Sea Salts Plus Magnesium)

2 pound Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak (Sea salts plus magnesium)  11.86 plus $7.42 S&H

5 pounds Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak (Sea salts plus magnesium)   $14.57 plus $7.39 S&H

10 pounds
Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak (Sea salts plus magnesium)   $25.73 plus $12.91 S&H

20 pounds Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak (Sea salts plus magnesium)    $37.53 plus $17.18 S&H

40 pounds
Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak (Sea salts plus magnesium)    $57.09 plus $23.06 S&H  

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Guardian Of Eden Body Purification (1).jpg

For Removal of Body Mites
& other skin contaminants and infestations

(Not for Internal Consumption)

What is THE largest organ of the human body?
Your skin. The average adult has over 20 square feet of skin, 7 layers thick. The human skin also is one of the most critical - and NEGLECTED human organ in personal health care and wellness.
     Skin is not a plastic wrap around your body. It is by necessity porous - both ways. It breathes in air (literally). It breathes out. It expels waste, fungus, bacteria and viruses - plus is your critcal first line of defense against such invasive micro-organisms. Your skin is necessary for the processing of certain vitamins and and minerals. Skin is an essential part of a person's natural immune defenses.
     The health of your skin is what most defines how healthy and how old a person appears.
      The human body is under continual attack by virus, fungus, bacteria and microscopic invasive creatures. One expert explained that neglecting the health of your skin would be the same as leaving all your doors and windows open in a high crime neighborhood with your yard constantly full of criminals and no police to call - hoping to fight off criminals only after they have freely come into your home. Your skinis your critical first line of health defense and wellness.
     While people bath and some use skin moisturizers (which can do more harm than good by blocking the pores of your skin and feeding the invaders), even people who proactively pursue a healthy diet, healthy living and take health and dietary supplements totally neglect their skin.
      Most people would be shocked if they looked at their own skin under a strong microscope. Most people's skin on top of their skin, between their skin cells, and burrowed into the layers of their skin - is infested with hundreds of millions or billions of microscopic mites, micro-pests, bacteria, fungus and viruses. These not only harm and cripple your skin, but weaken your whole body and make internal healing far more difficult. 
     Although an unpleasant topic, the fact is that the human body is covered with hundreds of millions of invasive micro-organisms and creatures. Many believe they are a major cause of skin aging and blemishes. Like all living creatures, they also excrete wastes - which then become sources of micro bacteria and fungus causing micro infections, clog pores and skin breathing, literally attack and eat you skin cells, destroy micro-blood vessels that feed your cells like micro-scopic ticks, and prevent proper release of dead and replaced outer skin cells.
     Ordinary soap and hot water will not remove these skin invaders. Using alcohol over your entire body would not only be VERY unpleasant and potentially dangerous, but also would have a terrible skin drying effect by removing necessary oils of healthy skin. There is virtually no manner to remove or cleanse from these mites and all that continues to accumulate with them.

     Guardian Of Eden Body Purification eliminates micro-organisms, residual bacteria and fungus that has accumulated and otherwise continues to accumulate. This also then allows our skin to breathe and  uncovers our new, healthy skin, rather than always under layers of dead cells, waste excrement, fungus, bacteria and accumulated body sweat salts and oil.
     After using you may feel truly CLEAN for the first time. You may lose an ichness you have always felt and you will sleep far more restful not having your skin being continuously irritated and under attack.
        If combined with
Guardian Of Eden's Sea SoakTM you will have TRULY cleansed your skin, provided every layer of your skin all its necessary mineral nutrients, and even relieved muscle tension and stress. If you take a 15 minute bath soak in G.O.E.'s Body Purification and Sea Soak combination, you will have a notably restful night's sleep and then wake up fully rested - very possibly the best you've felt in many years. And it is 100% natural and 100% safe. The total collect of beneficial ingredients for your external and internal body provided by nature itself numbers over 100.
      These two products were pioneered by
Guardian Of Eden and only 2 other companies licensed to offer it. Other than G.O.E.'s Jutrian (exclusively offered by G.O.E. and praised both by customers, on radio and TV, and by health reviewers), Body Purification and Sea Soak therapy are the products most people rave of in terms of clear, noticable benefits no other product can offer.

       A relaxing bath with G.O.E. Body Purification after a physical workout or activities causing sweating is particularly refreshing and beneficial. G.O.E. "Body Purification" is based upon G.O.E. Hydrogen Peroxide that also contains ingredients to allow absorption into the outer layers of skin to kill and wash away these mites, their wastes, and corresponding fungus and bacteria. There also is a wonderful cleansing feeling from this and from oxygenating your healthy outer skin.
Isn't it time you put your largest organ - your skin - on your side for your best health and wellness?

Each gallon is good for 8 full baths. This represents only a fraction of what one massage would cost and you should experience the sensation of a body purifying bath. It is NOT necessary to use Body Purification or Sea Soak for every bath and is recommended for once every two weeks or after activities causing substantial sweating.

May be used in conjunction with G.O.E. SeaSoak above for muscle relaxation and skin absorptive mineral replacement therapy. It should not be used in the same bath with shampoo or hair conditioners. (This would not damage your hair, but could neutralize the cleansing agent.) If you are going to shampoo and condition at the same time, it is recommended you do this first and then start with fresh water for the Purifying bath.




                  SeaSoak & Body Purification Combos              Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & SeaSoak Combos                  h2o2seasoak h2o2seasoak.jpg
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10 pounds Guardian Of Eden SeaSoak plus
1 Gallon Guardian Of Eden Body Purification
$44.74+ $23.71 S&H (includes all fees)

1 Gallon 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide plus
10 pounds Guardian Of Eden SeaSoak
1 COLORED Dropper Bottle
$45.41 + $23.71 S&H (includes all fees)

Combination Packs for Bath Soaking Therapy

The benefits will astonish you

     No bath or soak in any mineral spring or spa can match this combination of Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak (Selected Sea Salts from around the world plus pure absorbable Magnesium) and Body Purification. The Sea Salts will refresh your skin with their minerals - plus our whole body, the magnesium will relax your muscles and joints (plus all the benefits of magnesium found at this click). The Body Purification will both oxygenate your skin and remove microscopic skin mites, fungus and other biological pests that live on and in the skin. To read of Body Purification, go to the bottom of our home page.


     Once or twice a week (or whenever you wish), be prepared for the most relaxed nap or bedtime peaceful sleep after a long warm or hot bath in this combination. Suitable also for spas, jet tubs, hot tubs and foot spas. The first time you use this product combination, you will know the difference it makes.


Colloidal Silver - ON SALE NOW!

     Silver is one of the most ancient of medical remedies and was believed to have mystical powers. The most famous example was a belief in vampires and that silver would kill vampires. Before germs were understood, it was believed diseases came from "bad air," which was essentially accurate, they just didn't know why the air was bad. Many ancient remedies involved silver.
     Until a few decades ago, some form of silver potions would be even in licensed doctors bags. US laws required a silver based solution to be put into the eyes of newborns to prevent any gonorrhea the mother might have from infecting the newborn's eyes. There are volumes of materials online discussing colloidal silver that you may wish to explore.
    HOWEVER a recent F.D.A. rule prohibits any merchant of Colloidal Silver from claiming any health benefit. It is still legal to have, use, buy and sell Colloidal Silver in the USA. BUT THIS MAY NOT LAST FOR LONG. European Countries just outlawed selling Colloidal Silver - and its not rare for the USA to follow European personal health care restrictions and prohibitions on individual's health decisions.

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