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Special Himalayan Salt & Bath Packages At Huge Savings
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What is in the Specials?
Sea Soak - Are you looking for pain-free full night of sleep? This is the best product on the market for just that. Relax your aching joints and muscles and feel the tension fade away. Add this to a bath before taking a nap or going to sleep and enjoy a soothing sensation that will drift you into peaceful slumber.

Body Purifications - Your skin is the biggest organ, yet it is the one that gets neglected the most. Every day thousands of germs and viruses come in contact with you. Use this to cleanse your pores, and treat yourself to healthier skin. Rejuvinate life and strength back into your cells.

Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt (Product of Tibet) - The Most Ancient of all sea salts. Many claim that Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt is naturally ionized and possesses magnetic qualities that are highly beneficial.

Dead Sea Salt (Product of Israel) - The Most Popular of all remaining true organic sea salts. The health benefits of this salt was so recognized that Rome fed their legions with wheat and barley from this area as they thought it necessary to uphold their strength and stamina.

Himalayan Collection #1 - Save over 50%
  • 2.5 lbs of SeaSoak
  • 1 Quart of Body Purification
  • 4 4oz Bags of Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt. (Product of Tibet)
  • 1 4oz Bag of Dead Sea Salt. (Product of Israel)

Price:$ 36.41 + $9.14 S&H

Himalayan Collection #2 - Save over 65%
  • 10 lbs of SeaSoak
  • 1 Gallon of Body Purification
  • 8 4oz Bags of Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt. (Product of Tibet)
  • 4 4oz Bags of Dead Sea Salt. (Product of Israel)

Price: $63.52 + $14.54 S&H

Add The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path To Wellness For Only $10.17

Retail Price $27.95
Package One with Book
  • 2.5 lbs of SeaSoak
  • 1 Quart of Body Purification
  • 4 4oz Bags of Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt. (Product of Tibet)
  • 1 4oz Bag of Dead Sea Salt. (Product of Israel)

Price: $46.58 + $9.14 S&H

Package Two with Book
  • 10 lbs of SeaSoak
  • 1 Gallon of Body Purification
  • 8 4oz Bags of Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt. (Product of Tibet)
  • 4 4oz Bags of Dead Sea Salt. (Product of Israel)

Price: $73.69 + $14.54 S&H

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Black Bottle Specials
    A special order for product in special chemical resistant black bottles and jugs that cost 2 to 3 times as much left a remaining inventory. Black bottles are superior in blocking UV light. The F-style gallon bottles take less space to store and the quarter bottles have thicker materal.

    Rather than throw remainder away, we decided to offer products are a reduced price and toss in a couple of freebies too. This sale will only last until the black bottles are sold out.
  • 1 Gallon 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 Blue Cobalt Glass Dropper Bottle
  • FREE 4oz Toasted Onion Crafted Salt
  • FREE 4oz Lemon Rosemary Crafted Salt
  • 1 Quart Rocket 88
  • 1 Blue Cobalt Glass Dropper Bottle
  • FREE 4oz Toasted Onion Crafted Salt
  • FREE 4oz Lemon Rosemary Crafted Salt
$52.84 with FREE S&H
$37.87 with FREE S&H

   The prices below will NOT last long. G.O.E. purchased a HUGE bulk import order for the BEST of imported pure, natural and trace mineral packed Sea Salt. The prices below for 2 1/2 pounds (that is 40 ounces!) are the same as much companies charge for 4 ounces. This is 10 TIMES as much for the same price. 2 1/2 pounds of Sea Salt is A LOT of salt and will last you a very long time.

   Remember, salt NEVER spoils. It will still be exactly the same thousands of years from now. This is one of the best prices for ANY health related product you will find anywhere. STOCK UP! THESE PRICES WILL NOT LAST LONG!  Retailers and repackers buy G.O.E. imported sea salts, repackage it in small bottles and mark the price up 500% to 1000%.

   The company name "Guardian of Eden" refers to the Biblical angel left to block admission back into the Garden. In their product line, G.O.E. pursues re-creating the nutritional environment when the earth was new and pure.

   Organic Sea Salt is the easiest way to spice up your diet to the benefit of your health. Below is nice selection of sea salts from around the world for your kitchen.

    Salt is the only spice necessary for life and is the most often used seasoning for food. Those who have not experienced replacing processed "table salt" with organic sea salts do not realize that like all spices, different salts provide different flavors. The selection of salt is a critical decision of all the world's great chefs and finest restaurants.

    The health benefits of sea salts are found both in their high mineral content (grocery store salt is devoid of minerals) and their high sodium to chloride ratio). The most fundamental and highly used spice is salt. While excessive salt intake is harmful, depletion of salt is ultimately lethal. Salt is a natural adversary to many fungus, bacteria and virus and our bodies are dependent upon an intake of sodium.

   Gourmet salts also are the secret ingredient of the finest restaurants which will quickly pay $30, 40, 50 a pound for special sea salts rather than pennies for processed grocery store salt. Each salt has its unique taste due to its unique mix of minerals ant the complex variations of salt crystals. Until you try sea salts, you probably believe all salt tastes the same, but this is very inaccurate. Salt, the most commonly used of all seasonings, is defined by its contents and with sea salts this includes various ratios of minerals and various ratios of the remnants of the micro sea life that lived and died in the water. All life on earth is dependent upon the smallest creatures of the sea as the bottom of the food chain, as our primary source of oxygen, and were the most basic of chemical changes upon minerals and amino acids are caused within these microscopic creatures.

     Generally, it takes LESS sea salt for same level of saltiness and sea salts contain dozens of trace minerals necessary for life - which table salt does not. Generally table salt is surface mined from large salt flats, for which the minerals were wash away long ago. Table salt also is the salt most exposed to contamination.

    There are dozens of "real" sea salts, and hundreds of "bogus" or mis-named sea salts - the latter meaning that spices and/or treatment of the salt is done to affect its flavor. For example, there is no such thing as natural "Celtic" or "Smoked" sea salt, and most French sea salts upon various brand names are actually spiced salt or spiced sea salt (spices added).

   "Grocery store" sea salt is the by-product of desalination plants. There are MANY reasons NOT to use cheap generic sea salt found in grocery stores for this reason. First, this salt tends to be highly contaminated due to the water sources used for desalination factories. The process also strips away most mineral content and the heat process used in desalination destroys the complex  micro structures of sea salt and salt water.

   Below is a nice selection of sea salts to explore and enjoy for your kitchen.

   You may find this difficult to believe until you experience fine sea salts, but sea salt can become somewhat addictive and it is common for people to carry it in their purses or little containers for when the go restaurant dining.

   Processed salt is devoid of all minerals and complex molecular structures - unique to each source of the sea salt. Cheap, generic sea salt also a processed salt devoid of minerals and other organic ingredients. It is these minerals and molecular structures that not only provide the health benefits of sea salt, but also the favor. The different ratios of minerals and molecular structures of each provides than a different spicing of the taste of the food.

   Many minerals have their unique taste. Vitamin/mineral pills are usually coated to block any taste so many people believe that minerals are tasteless. As some artificially produced vitamins from mass production taste terrible, vitamin and vitamin/mineral pills are coated.
The complex and subtle ratios and mixes within sea salt within each salt granule make it impossible to artificially duplicate.
   What spice is more critical in cooking than salt? Those who become deeply involved in gourmet cooking will commonly pay $15 to $25 per pound for the precise sea salt for each specific dish they are preparing. There are literally hundreds of sea salts to select from.

Among the finest chefs and restaurants, they realize that diversity in salt selection also prevents all their food from tasting the same. Fine Sea Salts are their secret ingredient and why their gourmet meals have so much more and better taste - though seemingly the ingredients the same as typical restaurants.

   Documented medical studies have shown enormous health benefits resulting from changing for processed table salt to sea salt - this foremost due to increasing mineral intake and reducing sodium chloride intake. However, some also believe some sea salts are naturally ionized, therefore assisting to maintaining and restoring the ionic and magnetic field within cell structures of the human body.  Many people around the world will actually add some salt (not a lot) to water they drink for this reason and medical studies have shown health benefits in doing so.

   Some believe certain salts have spiritual and mystical properties.

  We suggest you try sea salt, however, because you will LOVE how it improves the taste of your food. You will enjoy actually chewing your food, rather than just wolfing it down quickly. People who eat slower also tend to eat less. Your intake of sodium chloride will be reduced and if you enjoy your meals more you might have less need for high calorie sweets for snacks.

   While there are literally dozens of types of sea salts, below are a few of the most popular or unique -offered is small quantities suitable for your personal kitchen use. Sea salt will go a long way and can be used in place of table salt for all cooking. However, you will come to reduce the amount of salt of you actually use.



You would often pay this elsewhere for just 1 of these. 400% and the variety of 4.

ADD a 1 pound combination package of 4 of our special gourment salts, packed with essential trace minerals, to your order. 
4 ounces each DEAD SEA SALT (a product of Israel),  MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT (a product of France), HIMALAYAN MOUNTAIN SEA SALT (a product of Tibet), and Spanish Sea Salt (a product of Spain.) All salts are NOT the same and the difference in taste and benefits is AMAZING. Try it and see for yourself. A little goes a long way.

1 POUND GOURMET 4 SEA SALTS SAMPLER PACK, 4 oz each - ONLY $14.26 and $3.87 S&H

Dead Sea Salt
(a product of Israel)

Warning: There has been a HUGE change in the nature of MOST Dead Sea being sold. MOST is ONLY suitable for salt soaking and scrubs.

While that grade of Dead Sea Salt is fine for soaking purposea, that grade of Dead Sea Salt has a TERRIBLE - really bad - taste. We cannot understate how AWFUL it tastes. You should SPECIFICALLY inquiry of anyone if their Dead Sea Salt 1.) is suitable and tastes good for cooking and 2.) is it DRY. In this instance if it is not dry it is NOT usable in the kitchen. Even if it is dry, INSURE it is suitable for the kitchen.

Over 95% of Dead Sea Salt now being imported is no longer suitable for the kitchen. Specifically ASK if it is kitchen/gourmet grade. Our Dead Sea Salt is dry and gourmet kitchen grade. It is becoming very scarce and costly. Fortunately we had a large inventory when this change came. The most common brand to not-buy-for-the-kitchen is Bokek®, but there are others. Those are strictly a bath salt.

Dead Sea Salt remains most popular of all true organic sea salts.
his product of Israel is produced by natural solar drying waters of the ancient waters of the Dead Sea dating back to the age of the ancient Egyptians. Bathing in the Dead Sea for health benefits has been practiced for centuries and the Dead Sea is the saltiest water in the world. High in minerals that washed off the highly fertile surrounding ancient lands, the mineral content of Dead Sea Salt is very high. The health benefits of the mineral rich soil of this region in the past was so recognized that Roman considered feeding their legions with wheat and barley from this region was an absolute necessity for the stamina of Roman Legionnaires and why they considered the region of such great strategic importance.

   Millions of people worldwide use fine ground Dead Sea salt in their salt shakers and cooking. It also is very popular for spas and hot tubs and is an ingredient in Guardian Of Eden's "Sea Soak." We only use food quality in our Sea Soak. Tens of millions of millions of people use the lesser form in their baths and spas. That usage has all but completely depleted the gourmet grade and the price is rapidly rising accordingly.

   If others have boasted to you of sea salt or you are looking for the best choice to begin exploring sea salts, fine ground GOURMET/KITCHEN grade Dead Sea salt is your possibly your best choice (although it is not our first choice. It is our 3rd favorite.) It is the most popular true sea salt in the world.

 1  pound fine grind Dead Sea Salt (a product of Israel)
$14.44 +S&H $3.23

(Our personal favorite...)

   This is the most ancient of all sea salts - so ancient that it actually comes from underground mines high up in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet between India and China.

How can an ocean sea bed be in the world highest mountain range, hundreds of feet underground?

   Most sea salt is either processed from the ocean or sea itself, or from surface or shallow salt mines.  As salt mines originated in sea beds, they are found in low spots of the world.

   Yet Himalayan Mountain red sea salt is mined from deep underground mines - that are high up in the Himalayan mountain range. This is due how extremely ancient the salt is. Since the ancient ocean dried to form a salt bed many hundreds of feet deep, the entire area was pushed up to make the highest mountain range in the world, with the two massive earth crust plates pushing one over the other across hundreds of millions of years - also then covering over the sea bed with rock. Originating from this ancient ocean possibly at the origins of life itself that even pre-dates dinosaurs, the endless movement of the earth's crust eventually pushed this extremely ancient sea salt bed upon into the Himalayan Mountain range.

   For the known history of Tibet, they have followed salt shafts deeper and deeper into the Himalayan Mountains. For millenniums, Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt has been considered to have mystical properties among Tibetans, with this belief travel both East to China and West.

   Many claim that Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt is naturally ionized and possesses magnetic qualities that are highly beneficial. The scientific community estimates that the magnetic field of the earth has declined by over 90% across time - the basic for the growth of interest in magnetic field beds, chair pads and even bruising-repair magnetic pads.

   Mining of Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt is highly restricted and controlled due to its mystical and spiritual importance of Tibetan religious practices. It is only mined by hand and transported by local salt miners and merchants by hand (carried on Yaks) whose practices date back through known recorded history. Time to time, political and military conflict in the region has cut off the supply.

   The mining, transport and trade route of Himalayan Mountain red sea salt to the West has not changed for centuries. The primary point of distribution is the Muslim country of Pakistan and originates back to when the Muslim empire controlled India, which is on the border with Himalayan Mountain range and Tibet.  Pakistani spice merchants remain the exports of this rare and unique salt to this day.
Some anthropologists believe the importance given to the color red throughout Eastern history traces back to the mystical and magical qualities given to Himalayan Mountain red sea salt and the highly spiritual Tibetan people whose spirituality had defining and enduring effect upon all Eastern religions. The red color is due to a high iron content of the salt. In it's natural state, iron is red (why rust is red). Most people have iron deficient diets.
   Candidly, this is our favorite of all sea salts for most cooking purposes and is the salt in our salt shakers. The taste is unique and pleasing. 
  It is very salty tasting, so we use notably less salt, while having the benefits of the mineral contents of the Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt.

To read more of Himalayan salt, read:

  "Himalayan salts are salts extracted from the intertwining bodies of water deep within the mountains of the Himalayas. It sometimes comes out in a reddish or pink color, with some crystals having an off-white to transparent color. It is commonly used for cooking similar to regular table salt, brine, bath products, and is popular for its therapeutic properties.

   A perfect Himalayan salt crystal contains 84 minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron. The book titled “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life”, by Dr. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira, made a through analysis of the chemical composition of Himalayan salts." 

. Because the source is from deep within the Himalayan Mountain range where it has been trapped for hundreds of millions of years, it has never been exposed to any modern chemicals, toxins, and radiation sources - making it the purest of all salt - processed or sea salt. Because it is trapped within the mountains themselves, the minerals have not been leached out - making it possibly the highest ratio of minerals of any sea salt from which there are health benefits and provides for its highly flavorful and unique taste. .

Himalayan Sea Salt
1 pounds Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt (a product of Tibet)
$14.37 +S&H $3.23

Mediterranean Sea Salt
(A product of France)
(This is our 2nd favorite)

A key source of the favor of Greek and Italian cuisine dating back to the age of Roman and ancient Greece.

   Mediterranean Sea Salt is the most popular sea salt for European cooking.

   The classic gourmet sea salt, dating back to the Greeks and Romans.

   Hand a French chef a typical pound container from a grocery store and the only use it would ever possibly find is to be used to put out a grease fire. SEASONING is the key to all fine cooking and salt is the most critical of all spices.

La Baleine, Salins du Midi, is a Mediterranean sea salt produced in the Aigues-Mortes saltworks, in Camargue, France since 1856. Salt has been produced on this site since before the Roman occupation. It is gathered from the salt-pan at Aigues-Mortes, a protected area covering some 10,800 hectares of untamed land, approximately the same size as inner-city Paris.

   On this natural site, where wildlife and flora remain untouched, salt has been gathered since Antiquity when the Roman engineer, Peccius, was in charge of production. La Baleine - naturally evaporated sea salt from France. They believe the salt itself has such an exquisite taste, that they want you to taste the salt itself alone - as well as then with part of the meal. These crystals crunch satisfyingly between your teeth and dissolves quickly.


1 pound Maigues-Mortes Mediterranean Sea Salt (a product of France)
$13.03 +S&H $3.23

Spanish Sea Salt

 (A product of Spain)
(It has a subtly different pleasing flavor)

The core of true gourmet Spanish cuisine for centuries.

   When people read "Spanish" cooking, in this country they usually think of typical "Mexican" food restaurants - simple dishes with beans, rice and meat in simply flour or corn tortillas with tomato based hot pepper sauce. But this is NOT Spanish cuisine.

   Spain is the first European country to extensively explore the world and in that era was the wealthiest of all European countries. In the past, the primary luxury of prosperity was in a diverse and excellent selection of food and meals.

   To be fair, "Mexican" food sold in most restaurants in the USA is not "Mexican" at all and it is an insult to suggest they represent gourmet Mexican cooking. Rather, they are originated in the meals of the poorest in Mexico's society.  Fine Mexican  cuisine tends to be evolved forms of  gourmet Spanish receipts - which generally can not be found in USA restaurants.

   True "Spanish" traditional meals is probably the most diverse collection in the world and those how have ever read a Spanish gourmet cookbook are stunned at the diversity and unusual mixing of ingredients from around the world with no resemblance to Mexican restaurant food. One reason true Spanish gourmet menus have not gained widespread popularity is due to the costly and oft difficult to find ingredients in this and most other countries.

   As these Spanish receipts evolved across centuries, of course they were developed with the salt favoring being Spanish Sea Salt.
Those who opt for Spanish Sea Salt do so because they prefer the favor, because they wish their spices to be true to their heritage, or because they want to use Spanish sea salt for when they prepare their own Spanish cuisine.


1 pounds Spanish Sea Salt (a product of Spain)
$13.61 +S&H $3.23
Gourmet Sea Salts
For Health & Fine Cooking

You would often pay this elsewhere for just 1 of these

Which one do you like best?


ADD a 1 pound combination package to your order of 4 of our special gourment salts, packed with essential trace minerals, to your order. 
4 ounces each (total 1 pound)

DEAD SEA SALT (A product of Israel)

 MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT (A product of France)


and Spanish Sea Salt (a product of Spain.)

All salts are NOT the same and the difference in taste and benefits is AMAZING. Try it and see for yourself. A little goes a long way.


1 POUND GOURMET 4 SEA SALTS SAMPLER PACK, 4 oz each - ONLY $14.26 and $3.87 S&H



Not sure which one? For different taste, texture and appearance, this sampler pack contains 4 different Sea Salts. Sea salt goes a very long way and should last you in your kitchen a year or longer. Sea Salt NEVER expires and can be stored indefinitely. Comes in sealed plastic bottles to keep moisture out. Note, these are 2 1/2 lbs containers - not ounces. 

ADD a 4 pound combination package of 4 of our special gourment salts, packed with essential trace minerals, to your order. 
1 pound each of:
DEAD SEA SALT (A product of Israel)

MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT (A product of France)
Spanish Sea Salt (A product of Spain)

4 Pounds Sea Salt Sampler Pack - FOUR 1 pound packs of Dead Sea, Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt & Spanish Sea Salt
$34.37 +S&H $14.08


Not sure which one? For different taste, texture and appearance, this sampler pack contains 10 pounds of 4 different Sea Salts. Sea salt goes a very long way and should last you in your kitchen a year or longer. Sea Salt NEVER expires and can be stored indefinitely. Comes in sealed plastic bottles to keep moisture out. Note, these are 2 1/2 lbs containers - not ounces. 

ADD a 10 pound combination package of 4 of our special gourment salts, packed with essential trace minerals, to your order. 2 1/2 pounds each:
DEAD SEA SALT (A product of Israel)

MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT (A product of France)
Spanish Sea Salt (A product of Spain)

   All salts are NOT the same and the difference in taste and benefits is AMAZING. Try it and see for yourself. A little goes a long way.

10 pounds Sea Salt Sampler Pack - FOUR 2 1/2 pound containers of Dead Sea, Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt & Spanish Sea Salt
$53.38 +S&H $11.08

 (a product of Israel)

The perfect sea salt for sprinkling on salids and vegitables.

   Kosher Flake Dead Sea Salt is a uinque, pyramid shaped crystal with stair-step sides, making this idea for seasoning. The increased surface area improves adheence to food and therefore provides more immediate salt season flavor than granular salts. High in mineral content, all natural and no additives. Like all pure natural salts, it will never spoil can be stored virtually forever as long as kept dry. If you love salads you will love flake sea salt and a little goes a long way on potatoes.

The reason the packs are lighter is because this is a light fluffy salt. This MINIMIZES salt intake, whil maximized salt flavoring for non-baked and cooked food. You taste the SURFACE of the very thin fluffy flakes. A little last a very long time in dining and kitchen usage and your order should provides years of personal inventory of this product. VERY LIGHT AND FLUFFY, excellent for sprinkling.


1.25  pound of Kosher Flake Dead Sea Salt (a product of Israel)

$9.53 +S&H $5.25

Other sea salts?

   The are many other types of sea salts - ranging from pure and excellent to fraudulent or just a gimmick. Sea salt has become very popular and there are those profiting by some clever marketing. The diversity is huge. Sea Salts are marketed at "Celtic", "Gray", and specialty with the label name in French, Greek, etc. 

   While dozens - if not hundreds - of specialty sea salts are being now sold, actually all true organic sea salts that are not proceeded come from only a very few original sources. There are less than a dozen sources of sea salts available in the Western World. 

   This is NOT to suggest that other sea salts are a fake. There are many wonderful sea salts for those who truly become involved in exotic and gourmet cooking. Rather, it is a suggest to be skeptical - meaning read the details. If it is called "Celtic" or "French" sea salt, read carefully about why it called Celtic or French - as an example.

WE SUGGEST YOU NEVER BUY ANY SCENTED SEA SALT OR SCENTED BATH OILS unless you really know what you are doing  for any usage, including your spa or bath tub and candles.

   Adding scents to salts, oils and candles is the big "get rich" marketing on the Internet. Besides the outrageous markup for adding a couple pennies of smelling chemicals, nearly all scents are not good for your health. Rather, they trigger your immune system as an allergic reaction.

    Nearly all flowers and sources of perfume are actually poisonous to consume. Your nature defenses recognize these as poisons. The most common reaction to the odor of toxic plants is sneezing and a runny nose (your body literally trying to blow the toxic molecules and spores out of your body.)

   To no surprise, studies have shown people have adverse physical and even psychological reactions to virtually all flower and many herbal scents. However, these studies also demonstrated some benefits from scents based upon non-toxic scents - most notable being cinnamon, all spice, and other common cooking spices.

      Most Sea Salts are heavier for the volume than table salt due to the high mineral content.

   Salt is the original preservative dating back through all of recorded history. Until refrigeration, salting was the only means to preserve meat (red, white and sea). To this day, salting is the method of preserving meat without refrigeration (the reason all beef jerky will taste salty).

   Salt also is the first antiseptic and salt water the first mouthwash. To this day, gargling with salt water is often recommended for a sore throat. The reason is that salt is an organic, natural biocide that will kill germs.

   Time to time, reports are given on the cultures where people live to the oldest age. Numerous reasons and explanations of life style and diet are offered. However, for all of these cultures, you will find two facts: 1.) their diet or water have a very high mineral content and 2.) their source of salt is sea water, not "refined" and processed salt.

   Which would last longer - a wooden ship in a fresh water lake or sea water?

   Sea water. While both would quickly accumulate fouling on the exterior of the hull below the water, the actual wood of the ship in fresh water would rot many, many times faster than in sea water. It the age of the wooden clipper sailing ships, the method of reducing the rate of wood rate was to literally spray sea water in the inside surfaces of the ship's hull. Wood rot is due to micro-organisms, not algae or barnacles, and  it is micro-organisms that are the source of wood rot.
   If salt consumption is necessary, why do doctors recommend reducing salt intake and why is drinking sea water lethal?

   Answer: Excessive amounts of salt raise a person's blood pressure - a reason to replace processed salt with sea salt (sea salt is saltier in taste than processed table salt). Greatly excessive salt intake is lethal because the human body can only process so much salt at a time. Salt is a very powerful biocide and if too much salt builds up in your body, it becomes harmful and even lethal. It is similar to food intake. Your body can only process and use some much food at a time. Too much food and it will damage your health. Too like food and a person dies of starvation.

If you take a vitamin/mineral pill, will you receive the same mineral benefits as from sea salt?

   Answer: Definitely not. Vitamin/mineral pills only have a short list of minerals. Sea Salt will contain ALL minerals, including all trace minerals. It is the lack of trace minerals that is most lacking in people's diets today, because ALL commercial agricultural land is essentially devoid of minerals. Minerals removed from the soil by plants will not replace themselves. When the minerals are depleted, they are depleted basically forever unless the land if flooded occasionally with mineral rich water (which is not done.)

   The reason the oceans are salty is because all minerals (including salt) are continually being washed off land and into the oceans. When water evaporates from the ocean producing rain, the salt and minerals remain in the ocean. Thus, across the eons, oceans always become saltier and with higher mineral content. With each generation of crops, agricultural land loses more of its mineral content.

   Can you obtain sufficient minerals in what foods you select in the grocery store?

   Answer: No. Vegetables and fruit can provide vitamins as the plants produce the vitamins. But plants can not produce minerals. Minerals are only in plants if the minerals are in the land they grow in. As commericial agricultural land has been devoid of minerals since the 1950s (according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture), the fruits and vegetables in the grocery store also are devoid of minerals. The minerals in sea salts also are highly broken down - meaning more easily absorbed at the cellular level.
Do all salt tastes the same because salt is salt?

   Answer: No. All pure sodium chloride taste identical of course. Sea Salts each have their unique blend and ratios of minerals and decomposed molecular structures of organic origins - providing each with their unique taste and flavor.

Why isn't sea salt used in prepared food (restaurants, grocery store foods etc)?

   Unfortunately, huge amounts of processed salts are used by fast food restaurants and virtually all food processors for grocery store products. The reason is simple: It is cheap.

   It is unfortunate that as consumers we have essentially NO healthy choices in either restaurant or grocery products because the standards tend to only be finding the cheapest costs and marketing. While it would only add a few pennies to offer truly nutritious and healthy ingredients, American consumers are so indifferent to incredients that the incentives are only towards usage of the cheapest possible ingredients.
While a few restaurants and grocery stores bill themselves as health oriented, little to no attention is actually given to ingredients - but rather only to marketing such as trying to make the menu look or sound health oriented.

   Sadly, most people then continue such practices even to their own kitchens. Buying good ground wheat bread rather than highly refined flour bread, using olive oil rather than cheap vegetable oil, and using high mineral content sea salt rather than processed salt - all would not increase actual total food costs by 3%. Switching to organically grown and raised vegetables and meats and an overall healthy diet would not increase food costs more than 15% - and would vastly improve a person's health, state of mind and well being.

   The kitchen and food used to be at the heart of family living. For most people now it is only an after thought and questions of convenience. Drive through the fast-food lane for a burger and toss a dinner in the microwave.

   It seems that once a person determines they will compromise, the person then just gives up. Yet small adjustments - using high mineral content sea salt, olive oil, good bread, etc - starts to tip the health scale more in your favor. The easiest way to do so is to adjust basic ingredients you most often use. These are: 1.) good, pure water (not tap water). 2.) sea salt rather than table salt, 3.) stone ground wheat or other grain based bread, and 4.) olive oil.  If you make a habit of these basic changes, you probably will find yourself further improving the stock in your kitchen.
Buying the cheapest ingredients possible, marketing and consumer indifference are reasons our diets have become so unhealthy.

What is "processed" or "refined" salt?

   The world has many locations of huge salt deposits. For example, most have heard of the "Bonneville Salt Flats" of the USA. Most processed salt comes from such surface mines. Water leaches and washes away the minerals and other contents. The processing including washing the salt to insure it is clean as surface salt is exposed to contamination. The washing process will wash away any remaining minerals and other ingredients of the salt. Finally, the process salt is dries under very high heat (which would destroy the benefit of any remaining organic sourced molecular structures) and ground to small crystals. This processing removes all minerals and all other beneficial molecules from the salt.

How is sea salt produced?

   Sea salt is produced in various ways. Rare underground mountain salt dried into salt rock by nature drying eons ago. The only production process is grinding the salt mechanically to the desired size of grains. As it is ancient salt, it is pure and without contamination possibility. Underground ancient mountain sea salt is the purest of all sources of salt.

   Ocean sea salt is produced either by solar drying or artificial heat drying. Dead Sea Salt is produced by sun drying. The water is filtered to remove contaminates (minerals are too fine to filtered out) and then dried in ponds. When dry, it is the ground to the desired grain size.
Himalayan Red Mountain Sea Salt is mined from underground mines high in the mountains of Tibet.

If the label says "sea salt", but does not identify the source, what is it?

   Some sea salt is the result of artificial drying and it the by-product of desalination of sea water to produce drinking water.  In many areas of the world, they obtain their water through large desalation factories fed by ocean water.  As this is only a by-product of water production, it is sold cheaply.

   This is the least desirable sea salt for many reasons. Unfortunately, generally it is not filtered other than to a degree to remove large objects, so the  salt is potentially highly contaminated. To remove this contamination, it is then processed similar to processed table salt. Though maybe still technically "sea salt", for health purposes it is processed table salt. If you see "sea salt" in the grocery store for 89 cents a pound or an Internet listing for discount "sea salt" without details, it will be such processed sea salt and is no different from typical processed table salt.

Is all sea salt dry?

    Some sea salts are dried only to the decree of being pasty like toothpaste. This seems to be a new trendy way to offer some sea salts to prove that it is not processed. Actually, it does not really prove this as any salt could be made to be pasty by adding water. However, some people enjoy basically doing the final step in making dry salt themselves. Obviously, in its wet form it is not easy to use, sprinkle or measure. All our salts are dry, ground and ready to use, enjoy and benefit from.

What is smoked salt?

    Smoked salt is a gimmick, like most brand-name "French" salts. Any spices, chemicals, etc can be added to salt and is generally done to justify radically increasing the price or to claim some unique quality. Smoked salt is exactly what it states, it has been smoked by having the residue (smoke) of a fire pass through it - or (candidly) by spraying it with favored and colored water.

Will you tell a difference if you switch to sea salt?

   Answer: Yes. You will notice a difference in taste, though it probably will be slight depending upon which type of sea salt you use. You will likely use less salt on average. However, sea salt might become a bit addictive at first as your body knows what it wants and likes. You may find that you are replacing sweet snacks with ones you tend to sprinkle salt on - for the salt. Initially this could be high if your body is very mineral deficient. The urge declines as those minerals are restored. When people switch to sea salt (s), they never go back to processed table salt and it is the least expensive of all "health food ingredients."

Best example of food preservation by salt?

   Eggs.Salt preservation of meat and fish is well known. However, salt was also used for preservation of eggs.

    In much of the world, it is literally illegal for egg producers, transporters and grocery stores to refrigerate eggs as the majority of the population does not have a refrigerator. An egg is a living organism and refrigeration kills all the living, natural defenses within the egg. Once refrigerated, an egg can rot in less than a day if not kept refrigerated. If never refrigerated, an egg will last for many days. However, without heat, the egg will die within a few days. Once the egg dies, it can not longer defend against invasion by fungus and bacteria.

   The source of potential contamination of the egg is from the outside through the shell. If an egg is still alive at the beginning of preservation, it can be preserved for as long as 6 months by 1.) momentarily putting into boiling water to kill micro-organisms on the shell exterior (just for a second) and then putting the egg into salt paste (very high content salt water). While ultimately the contents of the egg will deteriorate, the salt paste prevents essentially all possible micro-organisms invading the egg. Rot of food is not due to age or heat, but to external contamination. ALL food preservation is based upon stopping or slowing the growth and contamination of the food by fungus and bacteria.

   Refrigeration slows the grown of bacteria and fungus. Freezing  virtually eliminated bacteria and fungus growth.

   Canning food was invented by the French troops under Napoleon by accident. Hot spicy stew was poured into French wine bottles to transport it. They found the stew did not spoil for days, weeks and even months. This was a stunning discovery that was the invention of canned foods.

   The boiling of the stew had sterilized it nearly perfectly.  The stew was salty. Being sealed in the wine bottle, no bacteria or fungus could contaminate the contents and the salt also highly inhibited the growth of bacteria. The contents virtually lasted forever, though the breakdown of the contents in water caused it to lose its taste and food quality.

   It is hard to imagine how people stored food prior to refrigerators, but knowledge they had acquired is lost to most people. Food preservation has always been (and still is) based foremost upon 1. heat - to kill micro-organisms already in the food 2. avoid damage/bruising vegetables/fruit/meat 3.) drying - to eliminate the water that many micro-organisms need and 4.) salt - a natural biocide against bacteria and fungus.

   It is unfortunate that many food processors and canners now resort to using harmful chemicals to reduce canning costs. It is not necessary  and is only to save a fraction of a penny on each item.  However, processed salt also remains the most popular food preservative.
If the oceans were not salty, they would be enormous algae marshes and smelly cesspools. Salt keeps the oceans from organic contamination. A stagnant fresh water pond will quickly become smelly and overgrown with algae. A stagnant salt water pond usually will be completely without any life. Movement of water puts oxygen into the water and, maybe ironically, oxygen also is a biocide.

What is the shelf life of sea salt?

   Also long as it is kept dry, at least 10 million years. If it becomes damp and dried, it will tend to form larger crystal structures - though still usable and would dissolve. Salt does not decay and is highly resistant to any micro-organism contamination. There is no shelf life to salt, only to the container the salt is in.

Salt Grinder for your kitchen?

    Salt grinders work the same as pepper grinders, but pepper grinders have a purpose and salt grinders do not. A pepper grinder is used by some because they believe the pepper has more favor if ground just before using to prevent total drying out. However, grinding salt just prior to use will not change or improve the favor whatsoever. While a person might opt for to have a salt grinder just for the aesthetics of doing so, there is no quality or favor benefit from a salt grinder.  Probably a salt grinder for the kitchen quickly becomes one of those items stuck back in a cupboard as it only becomes a nuisance. This nuisance factor of having to grind salt rocks would be particularly true for baking and cooking usage of sea salt.

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