Return & Refund Policy

Please read carefully.

It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct delivery address, an address where someone can sign for the package if required, and one that is secure for you to receive the shipment. Also make certain everyone at the location knows to accept the package. We are only responsible for our errors.

If you believe you made an error in the delivery address, notify us IMMEDIATELY as we ship VERY fast. Do NOT rely on email notification. CALL US. If after hours, leave a message and your phone number. Many shipments cannot be rerouted even if we try to. It is YOUR responsibility.
Return & Refund Policies - Please Read Carefully

Return Restocking fee and return shipping fee.

If we send your order to the address that you provided and it is returned to us as refused, that the address does not exist or no one is willing to sign for it, there is a 20% restocking fee for items indicated as free shipping that will be deducted from any refund. For items with a shipping charge, twice the shipping (S&H) charge will be deducted from any refund.

Neither restocking fees or charging for shipping and return shipping actually covers our full shipping loses as there are also return fees and deliver attempt fees we are also charged. In addition, generally any S&H charge for an items is lower than our actual costs, depending where we are shipping to in the USA.

When will we accept only a return IF you received the package?

Whether we can accept a return and whether we can issue a full refund depends upon what was ordered and how it was shipped.

For reasons of quality control, we cannot (ever) take a return on any consummable product.
This includes 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. The reason should be obvious and you shouldn't consider buying from any company that does otherwise. We would have no way of knowing if the product was altered, replaced or opened and contaminated. We don't know if it was put in a trunk reaching 150 degrees or allowed to freeze. There is no way to know if the pills were handled, some removed or any contaminants got it it. Imagine ordering from a company and opening the bottle to at some point find dirt and hair in it with pills missing. Simply put, we can not risk that a consummable product has been tampered with after received.

We do not send products out free for your inspection.
Shipping costs are extremely high. If refused, we have to pay shipping TWICE plus a return fee. IF you refuse a package it is returned to us. If it is a consumable product AND you opened the box, we will not issue a refund as we will despose of the product when it returns, plus we lost the shipping costs.

So before ordering any consummable product, make certain you want it. If you need permission of others, check first.

For non-consumable products we can accept as returns, but will deduct the shipping costs. Again, before ordering make certain that you want the product.

REROUTING:  Many packages shipped cannot be rerouted to a different addess and there is a heft extra fee involved even if possible that is your responsibility of you did not provide your current addres.. If you provided the wrong addresses you will be responsible for any shipping charges and return shipping fees.

TRUE food grade hydrogen peroxide does not have stablizers. During shipping it WILL swell the bottle. To reduce this, we ship all hydrogen peroxide with the bottles compressed (removing the small amount of air at the top) and it begins refrigerated too. You order literally is not sealed until just before being shipped to you. This is a FRESH as is possible. We know of no other company that does so.

Because of the high quality (lack of stabilizers), the swelling WILL occur.

This does NOT damage the hydrogen peroxide. For safety reasons, we DOUBLE or TRIPLE bag all bottles of hydrogen peroxide separately.

In general, damaged shipments are rare but can happen. If so, phone us.

DO NOT SHIP hydrogen peroxide back to us.
There are piles of shipping restrictions that apply to everyone regarding shipping hydrogen peroxide.

For questions or problems with shipping or your package, call us.

Shipping restrictions:
We cannot ship to a Post Office Box.
We cannot and do not ship anything to Alaska, Hawaii or any foreign country. There are no exceptions. We will only ship to the lower 48 continental United States.
We cannot ship to freight-fowarding companies

We cannot ship to any military base or local, state or federal government facility.
All shipping is by ground shipment only. We cannot ship overnight.
Shipping usual takes 3-5 days, but may take 7-10 days.

Those restrictions also apply to you. Shipping concentrated hydrogen peroxide thru the postal system is VERY illegal and generally it would not be legal for you to ship concentrated hydrogen peroxide by any method to others.

NEVER attempt to take hydrogen peroxide, even in small quantity, on aircraft. Doing so is seriously illegal and it likely they will be very unpleasant about it if you attempt to do so.

Special note concerning shipping of hydrogen peroxide to Canada:

The Canadian Department of Natural Resources has requested that we advise on our website that hydrogen peroxide of 30% or higher concentration cannot be shipped to Canada without special authority and reporting. We do not ship hydrogen peroxide in concentrations of 30% or higher to Canada under any circumstance.

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