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It is time to Love your Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Again!
     Welcome to our NEW Swimming Pool & Hot Tub info page.
     Many of the beautiful pools and hot tubs of the rich and famous are professionally maintained upon the knowledge offered here. You will fall in love with your pool or hot tub again. In important real ways your life overall will be positively benefited.

     If you do not have a pool or hot tub? Scroll down for other useful information. There is a huge collection of very interesting knowledge by scrolling down on this page. Pictures tell the story too. Thank you for looking.

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Remember when you had a swimming pool or hot tub for the first time?
    When a person has their first swimming pool or hot tub for the first time it is very exciting. Can you remember how special a moment it was when to went into that water for the first time - and how often you used it at first?
    A swimming pool or hot tub is a very special wonderful place. It is a place to leave troubles behind you, let your mind go free and relax. Yet people soon are using their swimming pool or hot less and less. Within 3 years over half of hot tubs are drained and never used. 78% of pool owners surveyed would not want a swimming pool again. They just become expenses and chores, rare used. You would think people would rush to jump in, but for some reason have less and less interest in doing so?
    Why? Why do people fall out of love with their swimming pool or hot tub? What is the cause?
    There is a very REAL reason. You immunity system and body does not want you to get in that water for very real reasons.
    The page tells you why - and tells you how to fall in love with your swimming pool and hot tub again - and more than ever before. So this actually is GOOD NEWS information.

First the bad news - but then the GOOD news!

Did you know that Pool Chemicals are among the 10 most deadly of all chemicals?

If your pool chemicals are safe, why do fish and plants die if put in that water?
   The pool chemicals most people use date back to the great age of the discovery of chemicals. However, there was little understanding of the dangers of chemicals. All chemicals and all discoveries were immediately marketed for profit with no thought to are they safe? They were even marketed as miracle cures as extreme as selling bottles of uranium water as a miracle cure.
   The chemicals most people in the USA still use in their swimming pools and hot tubs are so deadly that they literally were used in WWI as deadly chemical weapons - and subsequently banned as even too horrific for warfare. Worse, as you repeatedly are adding more of these chemicals they are combining to make still other tremendously harmful chemicals as the water become more and more toxic and health destroying.
   Remember how excited you first were to have a swimming pool or hot tub? You could not wait to jump in. But for most people they come to their swimming pool or hot tub less and less. Hot tubs tend to be drained and forgot. The swimming pool becomes mostly just a maintenance chore. Over 70% of people with swimming pools say they would not want one again with their next house.

Why? Why do people fall out of love with their swimming pool?

The reason is because your body's immunity and defensive systems knows that smell is a deadly substance and in subtle and subconscious ways is trying to convince you not to get in that deadly liquid and not breath those fumes again. Your swimming pool and hot tub chemicals - both in the water and in the fumes are so health destroying that your body and mind is trying every way possible to convince you NOT TO GET INTO THOSE CHEMICALS.

There is a completely nature and 100% safe alternative. It is rapidly growing in popularity in the USA and even more so in Europe. Many tens of thousands of our customers use it in the swimming pools and hot tubs.
It also is growing in popularity in water systems purification for drinking water, for pools and even for natural ponds as it does not kill plants - only micro-organisms safely and without any smell whatsoever.

Because it is beneficial to your health, you will increasing want to get into your swimming pool or hot tub, rather than repelled by it for the toxic fumes and water. You will LOVE your swimming pool or hot tub - and so will you body.

   You do not have to drain your pool.
You may decide to transition to it from what you have been using. No more worrying about Ph factors and it will work with your current pump and pool system. It not only is not harmful and has NO odor, it is actually good for your health to swim in by cleaning and oxygenating your skin. Rather than health reasons not to use your swimming pool or hot tub, it is to your health benefit to use it. This page tells you how easy it is.

Are you developing a love-hate relationship with your swimming pool?

Do you keep telling yourself that you should use your pool or spa more often for all you spent on it - but don't?

Feel tired and worn rather than refreshed after being in your pool, spa or hot tub?

Are you tired of the smell of chemicals?
The two most common pool and spa chemicals are chlorine and bromine.
These are two exorbitantly deadly toxins.
The dangers are so great, some companies have made up alternative names to hide what it really is.

Known Chlorine Harms
* Chlorine combines with natural organic matter decaying vegetation to form potent cancer causing trihalomethanes (THM’s)

* Collectively include such carcinogens as chloroforms, bromoforms carbon tectachloride, bischlorothane and other cancer causing agents

* The level of chlorine in swimming pools is over 1,000% the level deemed minimally safe by the EPA in water

* Causes atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack

* Causes skin to prematurely age

* Damages the human eye

* Causes bladder, breast, testicular, bladder, colon, or rectal and bowel cancer as well as malignant melanoma

* Damages lung tissue

* Causes acne, psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema

* Converts to dioxins - the most dangers of cancer causing chemicals and which build up permanently within a person's body
causes infertility and birth defects

* Damages the nervous system permanently

 "Chlorine is so dangerous"
according to PhD biologist/chemist Dr. Herbert Schwartz, "that it should be banned. Putting chlorine in water is like starting a time bomb. Cancer, heart trouble, premature senility, both mental and physical are conditions attributable to chlorine treated water supplies. It is making us grow old before our time by producing symptoms of aging such as hardening of the arteries."

Dr. Stephen Askin wrote: "The real issue is not just how toxic chlorine itself is but how the unintended by-products of chlorine (organochlorines and dioxins) remain in the environment. They are persistent in the environment; they do not break down readily and therefore bio-accumulate. This can create a very serious health problem; the dioxins and other toxic chemicals accumulate in the fatty tissues. These contaminants are also hormone disrupters because they mimic estrogen. The EPA has observed and documented hormonal imbalance, suppressed immune systems, reproductive infertility and alterations in fetal development of animals. In viewing the big picture, these factors are perhaps the most frightening results from the widespread use of chlorine."

In Super Nutrition for Healthy Hearts
Dr. Richard Passwater shows how
"the origin of heart disease is akin to the origin of cancer. Chlorination could very well be a key factor linking these two major diseases. Chlorine creates THM's and haloforms. These potent chemical pollutants can trigger the production of excess free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals cause cell damage. Excess free radicals can cause normal smooth muscle cells in the arterial wall to go haywire, to mutate. The fibrous plaque consequently formed is essentially a benign tumor. Unfortunately, this tumor is linked with the origin of heart disease."

Is Bromine a safe alternative?

Known Bromine Harms:

* If spilled on skin it produces painful sores 

* Has strong unpleasant odor

* Is Toxic

* Converts to dichlorobromomethane, bromoform and bromate

* The Metropolitan Emergency Response Network defines dichlorobromomethan as particularly dangerous and harmful - and lethal.

Vapor will attack the eyes and lungs

* Causes cancer

* Damages skin

*  Damages the liver

* Causes depression and brain damage

* Damages the nervous system and muscles

* Bromine vapors are known to reduce male sperm count, causes malformed sperm resulting in birth defects and causes male infertility

The Metropolitan Emergency Response Network advises: "Dichlorobromomethane (bromine) should be handled as a CARCINOGEN--WITH EXTREME CAUTION. * Exposure can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Higher levels can irritate the lungs and may cause you to become dizzy, light-headed and to pass out. Could cause death. * Repeated exposures affects the liver. * Contact can irritate the skin."

EVEN WORSE, some pool and spa suppliers urge using both chlorine and bromine together - which doubles their sales. Combining chlorine and bromine is the second most powerful cancer-causing liquid mixture only surpassed by drinking highly radioactive liquids.
When combined, chlorine and bromine make:
97 carcinogens
82 dna mutagens
28 acute and chronic toxic contaminants and
23 tumor promoters.
Many of these complex chemicals resulting from the conversion of chlorine and bromine to other chemicals permanently accumulate in a person's body fat.

Each time exposed, the level of carcinogens, mutagens, toxins and tumor promoters increases. With each increase, the risk of cancer increases to a point of it no longer is a question of if the person will develop cancer. It is only a question of how soon. Each exposure means sooner than before.
The Growing National Health Crisis

   Cancer is rampant in the United States to epidemic levels. Birth defect rates are soaring. Over half the adult population over age 35 is fighting health issues and on prescript drugs. Mental health and depression, dementia, lung ailments, terrible skin appearance and pre-mature aging, and the list goes on. PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT TOXIC CHEMICALS HARM YOU. In fact, they kill you.
Chemicals used in swimming pools and hot tubs dating back originally to now nearly 2 centuries were specifically used to kill living organisms - from micro-organisms to soldiers on the battle field. Giving no thought to health issues, a company decided that since they destroy and kill all living organisms, why not use it to stop algae in swimming pools? The only question was "will it sell?" with NO thought to "is it safe?"

    To dive into a swimming pool and claim "see, I'm ok" is no different that a person holding up radioactive material making the same claim. Both WILL cause permanent carcinogens and health damaging elements permanently with the person's body - primarily in body fat. The more the exposure, the higher the level becomes.
    Who makes such a claim?
Essentially every chemist, doctors in the field of environmental toxins, the EPA, medical researchers, and essentially all health professionals and experts in the fields of cancer and toxins, except those employed by the chemical manufacturers of chlorine and bromine.  

    Chlorine also is the number one cause of household poisoning and is particularly dangerous to children.

    The health damage of chlorine and bromine are cumulative. The younger the person, the more likely they will develop serious, permanent or fatal disease, birth defects of their own children and the other extremely harmful health effects. Compounding this is that young children tend to swallow more water in a swimming pool.

"Putting children into water containing chlorine, bromine or other toxic swimming pool or hot tub water is unconscionable. From leading to their future sterility and birth defects of their children, to cancer and health destruction years later, doing so is inexcusable to those who know the danger."

    While you may see yourself as so old that filling your body with permanent toxins and dioxins increasingly is a risk you will continue to take, it is unthinkable to have children swimming in such water with the long terms devastating health damage well known. However, if you are older and fighting a health issue the last think you want to do is bath in toxic poisons.

     One recent study revealed that a non-smoker with a chlorinated pool is over twice as likely to develop cancer as a heavy smoker without a pool.
The high number of pools and spas in the United States may well be the reason that cancer rates in deaths in the United States generally are 200% to 600% higher than other countries, with similar differences in many other degenerative diseases. Many Americans are putting toxic waste pits of the most powerful toxins and carcinogens in the world in their backyards and then swimming in it.

The chemical vapors both damage your lungs and whole health, plus warn you to stay OUT of that water.
The evolved survival instinct of humans is very advanced. Just like you will fill a rush of fear near the edge of a cliff or frightened by a snake or spider even if never harmed by one, your mind and body knows the smell of those chemicals is toxic and poisonous.

The dangers of chlorine and bromine are not only within the water, but the vapor from the water. The air from such a pool or spa subjects those around it and the household near it to continuous breathing of such a damaging chemical mixture. Carbon, paper filter and ionic air filters will not remove these chemicals from the air you breathe. The harmful air vapors surrounding a chlorine and bromine treated pool or spa make it a 24-7 silent and insidious health destroyer.


    It is amazing to see people drinking $1 bottles of water to avoid tap water sitting beside a chlorine and bromine treated swimming or hot tub. Bottled water sales no exceeds soda pop sales for health. But it is a curious contradiction that a person will spend hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water - and then dive into water packed with toxic chemicals. A swim in that pool equals more than 1 year of drinking chlorinated water and has 10 times the number of toxins and carcinogens at thousands of times the level of tap water.

As you keep adding more of those chemicals, they are combining with other organic and inorganic substances to make more highly complex deadly chemicals. Overtime, the lethality of the water is always concentrating more and worsening.

Baquacil(R) System? We HIGHLY advise against Baquacil Systems and Chemicals. Click here to find out why.

The material below tells an alternative pool and spa water treatment method that is growing rapidly in popularity now used by over 1,000,000+ swimming pool and hot tub owners in the USA.

Why people switch to hydrogen peroxide for their pools and spas:
    One reason is to answer a simple question: Why don't you use your pool or spa more than you do? How often do you think of using it, but then somehow just don't?
    While some switch for reasons of personal health (pool chemicals are very harmful), most have a more basic reason. They want to enjoy using their pool or spa. People with grandchildren, children or their own health issues should NEVER go into a swimming pool or hot tub with any form of chlorine or Bromine. The longer term effects on children could be devastating as adults.

The main reason people with pools and spas quickly come to rarely actually use - or even sit by - their pool or spa is an instinctive health repulsion your body recognizes, even though you do not consciously recognize the danger. The water and area smells like chemicals. The water stings your eyes and turns them red. Skin turns white to deep layers and for some their skin can just be peeled off. That is because your skin is living tissue and the largest human organ vital to your health that is literally being poisoned to death by the deadly chemical in the water.
    People familiar with hydrogen peroxide treatment of pools and spas will not use toxic pool chemicals. To no surprise, there are people who do not want to relax or swim in toxic chemicals or breathe toxic fumes. Rather, they want to relax in pure, healthy, and clean water.
    It also is increasingly understood that the "relatively safe" (as often called) pool chemicals interact with other chemicals and organics that enter a pool or spa, the chemical composition of the pool chemicals change to even more dangerous and harmful chemicals. The list is long and varies for different pool chemicals. Included are chemicals known to cause cancer and known to cause lung, liver and brain damage. Some are very complex molecular structures. Others are simple and obvious.
    When any organic life form is destroyed, a result is the formation of ammonia. Most pool chemicals contain chlorine or bleach (or derivatives). Bleach and ammonia combined form chlorine gas, which also is what was used in death penalty gas chambers and in WWI chemical weapons.

Chemical Magnification Across Time
    The chemicals also continue to build up with each treatment by pool chemicals, because the working chemicals have converted to other non working and more dangerous forms. Quickly, the pool becomes a toxic chemical trench, rather than the pure water swimming pool or hot tub hoped for. The combinations and complexities of the toxic chemicals would kill a person within seconds and destroy their body as in a vat of acid - were it not so highly diluted by the water in your pool. Instead, it only burns your eyes, wrinkles your skin, and possibly kills you slowly across time.
    This is why most people often plan to use their pool or spa, but do not. They come to start telling themselves that they should use their pool and spa more often out of some sense of duty to use the thing they paid so much money for and some sense of guilt - almost like a person saying "I should go to church more often". Of course, pools and spas are not about duty, they are suppose to be about pleasure and cleanliness. This also is why most people reject offers to come over and swim in their pool.
    The subconscious mind is very survival oriented. Just like it will know that gasoline fumes are harmful and drinking gasoline would be harmful, it also is putting up powerful resistance to using the pool of chemicals or even being around the fumes of it.
   Some people switch to hydrogen peroxide for their pool or spa because they are health conscious. However, most switch because their pool or spa is more enjoyable to use and be around for whatever reasons that is.

The Smell Factor -
Why you will Avoid or Love your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub
It is the foul smell and odor of toxic and health destroying chemicals in your swimming pool or hot tub that convinces you subconsciously to stay out of that water. This is your you immune system interacting with your natural self preservation instinct.

To the contrary, the water of a hydrogen peroxide treated pool is actually very beneficial to your health and body. As a result, the more you use your swimming pool or hot tub the more your body and mind will try to convince you to go in that water again.

    To understand the lack of any "smell" of hydrogen peroxide over dirty water with organic waste in it or the smell of chemicals in a treated pool or spa is to understand what hydrogen peroxide is and what it does in nature. Hydrogen peroxide treated swimming pools and hot tubs have NO odor or smell.
   Hydrogen peroxide is the atom hydrogen peroxide. This means it has water (h2o) and an extra oxygen molecule that is attached. It is a liquid. However, it also is only semi-stable. Contact with organic substances of any kind, with a short list of minerals or U.V. light (such as sunlight) causes it to decompose. This means it releases the extra oxygen molecule in gaseous form of 100% pure oxygen (oxygen is a gas with a free atom) and what remains is 100% pure water.
    Pure oxygen is extremely toxic to micro-organisms. Essentially, it burns them with pure oxygen. If you have ever been on an oxygen tube in a hospital, you may remember that if the oxygen level was turned up too high, your nose would start to burn. While oxygen is extremely beneficial, if the level is too high it causes organic substances to burn (actually they "rust", but I will avoid chemistry in detail.) Hydrogen peroxide also is a charged atom, very movement active.
    On the atomic level, hydrogen peroxide will kill simple organisms on the molecular level. It does so by decomposing to pure water and pure oxygen when contacting organic substances of any kind. In a pool or spa, it acts similar to the human immune system, in which immunity system cells attack foreign objections, but do not harm the larger life form (such as you.) This is how hydrogen peroxide works. It uses pure oxygen against micro-organisms.

Example of Lightning & Hydrogen Peroxide
    In nature, hydrogen peroxide appears only in trace amounts and only briefly. Hydrogen peroxide can be found in trace amounts sometimes in fast moving mountain streams for complex mineral/magnetic/movement energy., ' When hydrogen peroxide is primary created in nature is by lightning.
    During a hard electrical storm, particularly at night, the air will come to have a crisp smell to it. It is not just that the air is electrically charged, it also has increasing trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide. In pure form, hydrogen peroxide "stings" whatever organic substance it touches. Pure hydrogen peroxide can exist only momentarily in nature and can not be artificially produced. Produced hydrogen peroxide is in levels of concentration (ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water). That very slight stinging sensation makes the air seem crisp. What causes this?
   After an electrical storm, when the clouds clear a bit of the sun comes up at sunrise, the air will smell almost sweet, somewhat damp and a bit heavy, though in an attractive way. The trace amounts of pure hydrogen peroxide had destroyed (burned) massive amounts of fungus, bacteria, and dead organic dust (most dust is not from dirt, but dead cells). With the U.V. light from the clearing clouds or sunrise, the hydrogen peroxide decomposes to atoms of pure water vapor and pure gaseous oxygen. Thus the air smells cleaner because it is cleaner, damp because of the pure water vapor in individual water atoms and a bit heavy in an attractive way for the higher level of oxygen in the air.
   The crisp smell after a lightning storm is oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide. That is why the air after a lightning storm smells so good to so many people.
   Although subtle, the water in a hydrogen peroxide treated pool or spa and the air around it is actually attractive and desirable. Pure water and pure oxygen is beneficial to a person as compared to toxic and nauseous chemicals that are repulsive and harmful.

The Example of Plants & Hydrogen Peroxide

Swimming pool and hot tub water with typical chemicals kills plants. But your water is hydrogen peroxide treated they will LOVE that water. Ever dream you could fill your watering bucket from your swimming pool?

It will oxygenate the roots to protect against root rot and will kill bacteria and fungus, but will not harm garden worms. It is not a pesticide.

Many knowledgeable people knowledgeable about house plants or gardening will add just a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide per gallon to the water for watering plants. This both oxygenates the roots avoiding root rot and eliminates bacteria and fungus that attack plant roots. NO ONE adds chlorine or bromine to water for their plants.
     If swimming pool chemicals were safe they would not kill fish or plants, would they? Think about that for a moment. Bugs, fish and plants will quickly die in most swimming pools due to the chemicals. Why? Because they are toxic deadly chemicals.
You house and garden plants will LOVE hydrogen peroxide! Click here or on pictures above for MANY usages.

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Many people add hydrogen peroxide to their bath and foot bath water for health reasons. Hydrogen peroxide  oxygenates the skin and helps to clean skin (skin is porous and builds upon waste excretion). Hydrogen peroxide also kills fungus and other micro-organisms that live on and just below skin surface. There is no harmful side effects possible as hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic. No one pours typical chlorine and bromine pool chemicals into their bath water believing it healthy. Scroll down for our bath package special.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide
How does it work?

Many older folks remember when every medicine cabinet had a bottle of low concentration hydrogen peroxide. If someone got cut, it would be poured over the cut. It would fizz up in a white foam and then you just washed it away, the germs killed. Many doctors still do.

No one ever grabbed a bottle bleach to pour it over the wound! You do NOT pour deadly toxic chemicals on a wound, do you? So why would you swim in and breathe those toxic chemicals? That makes NO sense.

How did the hydrogen peroxide kill the germs if it is not toxic? It killed it with pure oxygen. Here's how:

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

The chemical description of hydrogen peroxide is h2o2. That means it has two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen. Water is h2o, meaning only 1 atom of oxygen. The difference is one atom of oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra pure oxygen atom. There is NOTHING toxic in hydrogen peroxide. It is just water and oxygen. But this makes it one of the most used chemicals in the world.

How Hydrogen Peroxide works:

A hydrogen peroxide molecule is only semi-stable. It comes into contact with certain organic and inorganic substances it decomposes. The molecule (h2o2 atom) breaks like an explosion on the single atom scale. At that level, the energy release is massive and it also releases pure oxygen. This is so powerful that on a large scale it has powered intercontinental ballistic missiles, rocket cars and jet packs. But on the scale of the size of micro-organisms it also is 100% lethal by that energy release and the pure oxygen.

No living creature can live in PURE 100% oxygen. The air we breathe is only 21% oxygen. Nearly all the rest is nitrogen (the gas in fire extinguishers.) Without the nitrogen in our air the oxygen would literally and immediately burn us up. BUT since the hydrogen peroxide molecule is releasing oxygen only that single molecule level, it only kills the germ, virus, bacteria or fungus. In this it sterilizes the water and keeps it clean.


Hydrogen peroxide has been called a "kamikaze" or "depth charge" chemical against microscopic organic substances. Hydrogen peroxide is simply water (h2o) with an extra oxygen molecule loosely attached (h2o2). When h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) contacts any organic molecule, the contact knocks off the extra oxygen molecule.

The result is two fold. First, energy is released. Though certainly not noticeable at the atomic/molecular level, the power in "decomposing" h2o2 is so great that hydrogen peroxide has been used to power rockets into space, powered the X-15 first subsonic jet and the U.S.S.R. supersonic attack torpedoes. When the atom breaks free, the kinetic energy holding that atom is released, resulting in a flash of steam heat. The first "killing" ability of the h2o2 is to blow up the organic molecule.

The free oxygen atom then impacts the organic molecule, resulting in burning the molecule. Organic substances in contact with pure oxygen "burn" (or more precisely oxidize. The combined result is that the organic molecule is blown up and burned.

What remains, then, of the hydrogen peroxide atom? It is now only pure water (h2o2) and pure oxygen (o). It destroys the organic substance and then converts itself to pure water and pure oxygen in the process. There are no toxins in hydrogen peroxide and it is the pure bio-degrading chemical that can not build up in your pool or spa. It not only destroys organic contamination, but also destroys itself in the process to the two purest and most beneficial chemicals: pure water and pure oxygen. There are no other elements in hydrogen peroxide.
Keep scrolling down - there is much more


    Hydrogen peroxide in pool treatment is not only neither toxic nor harmful, it actually is good for your skin by oxygenating skin (rather than bleaching and poisoning it).

    As the elements of hydrogen peroxide are only pure water and pure oxygen, it will naturally decompose in its usage cycle for 100% decomposition into pure and safe atoms of water and oxygen only. Thus, there is no chemical build up nor conversion to other chemical compositions.

    Pool and Spa usage is the largest volume percentage of our customers and the most rapidly growing area of sales.

Why you will LOVE your swimming pool or hot tub again - and more than ever!

Not only is hydrogen peroxide safe and non-harmful, it is GOOD FOR YOU. Your skin is your body's largest organ. It is porous. It literally breathes! (Most people don't know that.) Skin breathes in oxygen and exhales toxins. So if you are in toxic and poisonous swimming pool or hot tub water, your skin is absorbing the toxins, while you are breathing them in from the water above the pool.

The hydrogen peroxide in the pool or hot tub water kills the micro-organisms in and on your skin, plus removed dead skin, allowing your skin to exhale poisons and toxins from in the air we breathe and food we eat. The skin absorbs oxygen from this process. NO ONE can be healthy with unhealthy skin. This water with trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide is fantastic for your skin. Your body loves it!

Just like the fumes of deadly chemicals you used to put in your swimming pool or hot tub water that lead your natural instincts to hate that water, to the opposite that same instinct will want you to get in it.


There is NOTHING else to add to the water. No other chemicals of any kind. Of course, if you also want the wonderful benefits of minerals too, just add Guardian Of Eden Sea Soak. Soaking in mineral water is the oldest health remedy known to humanity.

http://dfwx.com/goeangel (1).jpg  The company name "Guardian of Eden" refers to the Biblical angel left to block admission back into the Garden. In their product line, G.O.E. pursues re-creating the nutritional environment when the earth was new and pure.  A company you can trust.
Guardian Of Eden has been selling certified and inspected 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in consumer sizes since 1998 and is the largest supplier of independent natural health supplement retail stores in the USA, and supplies 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to licensed medical doctors (MDs), clinics, alternative and natural health professionals, water treatment facilities, commercial aquariums, dairy farms, commercial fruit and berry growers, veterinarians, and thousands of individuals for personal use.
Guardian Of Eden  is recommended in many publications and listed as a source for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide by Dr. Rowen's Second Opinion Newsletter. The benefits of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide has been presented for decades from such authorities as Dr. David G. Williams and in many authoritative books including Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass II, Flood Your Body with Oxygen by Ed Mccabe and Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone by Conrad LeBeau.

About Guardian of Eden's Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:
The hydrogen peroxide of our pool and spa packs is Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. This means it meets the standards of both the U.S. government and industry standards for purity.

   Pool and Spa 35% hydrogen peroxide is 100% suitable for any other usage of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Its concentration level at 90 days will be 34.4 to 34.1% and has exactly the same level of purity. Hydrogen peroxide never "spoils" or goes bad. However, over time it does "decompose", which means releasing the extra oxygen molecule of its h2o2 composition.
    While it can vary depending upon temperature of storage and whether exposed to U.V. light, if properly stored hydrogen peroxide will decompose at a rate of 1/4 to 1/2% concentration level per month. As concentration gradually reduces, its rate of decomposition slows.
Hot Tub Usage and Costs:

    I can not imagine anyone with a spa using any toxic or nauseous chemicals in their spa. The cost difference makes hydrogen peroxide highly attractive if all actual costs are figured.

    While hydrogen peroxide can cost more than other pool chemicals, if you add the numerous support chemicals, testing, and frequency of draining the pool to total comparison often makes hydrogen peroxide less costly. If you try hydrogen peroxide in your spa, you will fall in love with your spa again and never go back to chlorine, bromine or secret ingredient pool chemicals. The hydrogen peroxide will eliminate the bad smells that come from untreated spa water, but also has none of the chemical smell of spa treatment chemicals.

Then again, what is the savings of not having to battle cancer or another major life threatening disease? If you already have health issues you MUST eliminate toxins from your life style, air, food and water!

 Pond Maintenance:

Hydrogen peroxide also can be used in ponds with plants to reduce algae and micro-organism growth.

     The finest commercial aquariums now use food grade hydrogen peroxide to treat their tanks, which contain sea life inventories valued into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Draining and cleaning tanks is extremely costly, dangerous to sea life that has to be removed and particularly harmful to plant life that can not be removed. However, they can not use the toxic chemicals used for water treatment.

    What they found is that hydrogen peroxide "attacks" the lowest life forms first - meaning the micro organisms such as fungus and bacteria that harms their sea life. Next, the hydrogen peroxide will attack algae and lowest plant life forms.

They cease hydrogen peroxide treatment level at that point to avoid harm to the higher plant, fish and other aquatic life. The hydrogen peroxide that remains in the water will quickly decompose to merely pure water and gaseous oxygen by its interaction with the organic matter in the tank and U.V. from the display lights or sunlight if outdoors.

    We DO NOT recommend amateur usage of h2o2 in ponds or aquariums with fish unless you are VERY careful. This requires fairly exact testing of concentration levels and supervision that is best left to the professionals in marine life. However, hydrogen peroxide treatment is an outstanding way to minimize algae, fungus and other infestations growth turning a beautiful pond into a smelly, cloudy mini swamp.


Chlorine and Bromine are sold as pool, spa and hot tub chemicals to people who know little to nothing about water purification. Hydrogen peroxide is used by the true professionals. Here are just a few examples of our own experience:

Fort Worth Water Gardens - A LOT WAS LEARNED!
    The Fort Worth Watergardens is extraordinary. If you are ever in Fort Worth visit it. There is a huge sunken pool area with stepped leading way down and a second sunken area very popular for wedding. There is water running, flowing and falling everywhere. The effective is both beautiful but curiously natural for a city center. There are many trees and one of the large sunken areas is surrounded by cypress trees.

Water treatment was necessary not only to prevent algae but also to prevent the water becoming too dangerously contaminated making people sick. Because of all the water falls, the water of course has a high evaporation rate in the hot Texas sun, meaning constantly needing more water - and more chemicals. Plus water splashing onto plants too being a problem.
    This poised a very serious challenge as the fumes of the highly humid air as usage of chemicals used for swimming pools - or even ordinary city treated drinking water would stunt and then even kill the trees and plants - slowly turning it into a depressing dead-zone area.

It would take decades to regrow the beautiful oak and cypress trees. But even if typical treated water people could drink would have a deadly chemical magnification effect, what was the solution?

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! It would not harm the plants and trees either in the water or air. It actually is good for the plants and trees.

Use food grade hydrogen peroxide for your house and garden plants and watch them grow beautifully! Click on picture for usages.

Here is another amazing example of water treated with our 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 

Cleaning a commercial Aquarium with Millions of dollars of exotic fish -
Everyone knows that typical swimming pool and hot tub chemicals will kill nearly all fish - and quickly.

    While we may not name the company as we do not divulge customer information (nor would we divulge  yours),
These are not small home aquariums, but holding full sized sharks and other BIG sea life, as well as VERY costly exotic fish also impossible to replace. He was in charge of all decisions and staff for the care of this sea life and water quality.

Everyone who has had an aquarium knows that they get dirty. The bottom fouls and the glass becomes cloudy, plus the water gets stinky.
   Of course, the typical way to clean an aquarium is to remove the fish, drain out the stinky water, rocks and all the rest - and then clean it, put it back together, fill it with water and treat the water - FINALLY putting the fish back it.

Imagine the costs and risks of doing that with massive aquariums with full sized sharks and even smaller species of whales and 100,000 other fish and sea life? That is astronomically costly and time consuming - PLUS where do you put them in the interim. Even with all that, many of the creatures would die from the shock and sudden water change. What about the living coral and sea plants?

So he experimented with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and specifically OUR 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide finding the right level that was 100% safe for the sea life - and would both clean the aquarium and kill the diseases and organisms that build up in the water. Success would save the company MANY millions a year, eliminate all the sea life lost in the cleaning process, and save huge man hours - plus never having to close.

It worked. With careful monitoring of the ppm level (parts per million) not only could the aquariums be cleaned without removing any sea life - cleaning no longer was necessary as the aquariums stayed clean on their own continuously. This is an example of the power and safety of hydrogen peroxide.
Click on pictures for usages.

Putting poisons and toxic chemicals in your pool, spa or hot tub is not what a rational person knowingly does. If those chemicals kill plants and fish, they will kill you. But the chemicals are meant to kill all living things.


Pool & Hot Tub Plants - PLUS House & Garden Plants too
Your plants will LOVE hydrogen peroxide treated water!
    It is possible to have a safe swimming pond or pool with plant growth using hydrogen peroxide. However, this does take paying attention to some detail to avoid too high and too low levels. This will be unique to each pond. Hydrogen peroxide will destroy small organisms first and then the higher (or larger) life forms. Thus, in a living pond or pool the level of hydrogen peroxide usage varies for the amount of plant life - easy checked in a minute with a test strip. However, it can be allowed to vary and is not critical on even a weekly basis.
     A slightly higher concentration level of hydrogen peroxide is initially used  and then the level allowed to naturally reduce to very low to sustain maintenance, but not damage the plants. Very small trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide are beneficial to nearly all plants.
     Some people struggle to keep plants alive around a swimming pool or hot tub where water is splashed or spilled on the plants or grass areas. Pool chemicals fumes also will kill plants - which does not occur with hydrogen peroxide. While concentrated hydrogen peroxide also would be harmful to plants, the level of dilution of pool water is wonderfully beneficial to plants.

House and garden plants LOVE water with trace amounts of food grade hydrogen peroxide (do NOT use drug store hydrogen peroxide). Gardeners and farmers use hydrogen peroxide for soil treatment and even plant watering water.  The hydrogen peroxide provides oxygen to the roots avoiding root rot and kills fungus, bacteria and other micro-organisms that attack plant roots. The benefit is so great that if you do drain an hydrogen peroxide treated pool or spa, you can do so onto grass and for plant and tree watering.

    There is no pool chemical that can honestly say it would help your plants and yard if you poured your chemical pool water on it. This is not true with a hydrogen peroxide treated pool Plants LOVE this water. Click on pictures for usages of hydrogen peroxide.



     There are 1001 more uses in your home, kitchen, garden and more for 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

       Hydrogen Peroxide is not only safe but one of the most used and versatile substances used in homes, farms, yards, kitchens, medically, and much, much more! There are over 1000 practical usages with great benefits. Click here to learn of the more popular home and garden usage.

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Body Purification will cleanse your skin of the billions of fungus, bacteria and mites which clog your pores. SKIN is THE largest organ of the human body and often the most neglected and abused. Treat yourself. You've earned it. 1 cup per bath.

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For over 2,000 years, people have traveled to soak in the unique mineral rich Dead Sea of Israel most mineral packed sea in the world. Your skin, the largest and one of the most critical organs of your body will soak up the minerals. Salt also is a non-toxin natural biocide, helping keep your water sterile, without have to constantly blast it with terrible smelling chemicals, which among the 10 most deadly chemicals? 1 eight ounce bag for your Spa or Hot Tub. All or the rest for your swimming pool. To read about Dead Sea Salt click here.

Bath, Pool & Spa 35% Hydrogen Peroxide is entirely non-toxic using the power of pure oxygen as its working element. Pure oxygen is a very powerful biocide, though 100% non-toxic and oxygenates your skin. Did you know your skin breathes   Click Here


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Click pictures for larger images.

Parents: The average large pool for children contains 500 gallons of water. 1 Gallon of Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Bath Pool & Spa will last up to 3 months at 1 cup per week for maintenance. Four gallons is ideal for your hot tub or swimming pool. To learn more about why you should use hydrogen peroxide instead of typical deadly pool chemicals, click here.

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