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Guardian Of Eden discuss of the CORE questions of Cellular Health and Diet


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This section is a discussion of Guardian of Eden Theories of Cellular Supplementing - the world of superstars and super rich...

While the topic includes hydrogen peroxide in the era where there are literally 10s of thousands of health products on the market THIS DISCUSSION returns your focus to THE essentials of cellular health, which is THE determining factor in our health at every level.
This is very interest and esoteric material and you will NEVER look at health issues the same again - and it might change your priorities and view of life... this is fascinating reading.


Performance Enhancement and drug testing...




       (this is a revolutionary concept that really got my attention)













          (this is a VERY unique perspective on health and life I have never heard before)

VARIOUS TOPICS on Guardian Of Eden Hydrogen Peroxide, Jutrian Rx and their supplements

Performance Enhancement and drug testing...

Drug testing became necessary because many performance drugs (steroids, metabolism increases - which includes most diet pills, and other drugs enhancing physical performance) are extremely harmful to a person's health and can cause sudden death, stroke and permanent mental and nerve damage.

In a shocking study, over 60% of high school football players admitted they would take performance enhancing drugs EVEN IF DOING SO DRAMATICALLY SHORTEN THEIR LIVES. It was not difficult to understand that professional athletes would even be more willing to do so. A true contender will do ANYTHING to win - even if it costs their life.

Athletic competitions were increasingly becoming only contests of who was more willing to commit suicide to win. Drug testing became a necessity for this reason. However, as the tests become more expansive and precise, they also become more questionable in accuracy. It has become such a problem, that some competitors are afraid to eat at restaurants, take any prescription drug and lately even over-the-counter health supplements are causing athletes to fail drug tests.

Whether it is from professional sports to cycling, running to body building, a 1% increase in performance will make the difference between winning and being a superstar - or losing and being nobody. 1% will make or break a career of a professional.

Oxygen is critical to any physical performance. Having cells that are young and functioning at 100% efficiency is an obvious benefit.

JUTRIAN RX is NOT a performance enhancing drug. It is a blood oxygenation and provides full spectrum mineral and amino supplementing for cellular function.

JUTRIAN RX will not cause the failure of ANY known drug test. Because every person has different lung capacity and metabolism, there is no manner to test for excessive levels of oxygen levels in the blood. Minerals and aminos are found in everyone, so also are not a tested item.

MOST minerals and amino acids are stored in a person's muscles. When a person depletes, the body pulls essentials from muscle tissue - degrading it. While Jutrian RX is not a performance "drug", it is a serious, exotic and theoretically valid performance enhance without either the dangers of enhancement drugs or the risk of failing drug tests.

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When the difference is between winning and losing - meaning making a million dollars of a superstar career or getting cut - it is not a surprise that pros will pay hundreds of dollars for latest "state of the art" G.O.E. Jutrian RX.


How many products now claim to slow or reverse aging?

Guardian Of Eden does NOT claim Jutrian RX either slows aging or reverses aging. Instead, Jutrian RX will restore cells to proper function and reproduction - preventing aging degradation.

The human body is more complex than modern science can come close to duplicating or understanding. The most complex computers and machinery can not match the single cells function of our immunity system.

Most supplements and drugs attempt to manipulate a weak body. Guardian Of Eden Jutrian RX and their other products are upon the theory of bringing the body itself to it's own peak performance by creating an internal body environment as close to what would exist in a pure and perfect world (Garden of Eden).

Maybe an analogy explains the difference. Suppose that you owned a racing Ferrari with 150,000 miles on it, oil never changed, and filled with low octane low lead gasoline. Other health supplements and drugs would attempt to increase it's performance by putting a supercharger on the motor. Does it work? Yes, until the motor blows.

The premise of Guardian Of Eden would be to micro machining, kyrptonizing, shotpeening, blueprinting and micro balancing the mechanical systems of the Ferrari motor, filling it with 106 octane racing fuel and a adding free flowing fresh air intake duct.

Which is the better high performance car? Which would you prefer? Which one will not break down?
A great body with low oxygen is like a great body with weak lungs. Strong muscles and weak cells is like a high mileage hot rod motor that is worn out with an oversized supercharger on.

If your body is weak, old, sick and gasping for oxygen on a cellular level and starved for essential nutrients, exercise and drugs are not going to produce a prime performance body.  This is particularly true for endurance activities such as distance cycling and running.

Jutrian RX will NOT stop you from growing old. Rather, it helps to bring your cellular body back to prime for your age and greatly help prevent old age degradation.


Much of human body function is instinctive. We can not control it and our body will allow little variance. We can not consciously control our heart rate or blood pressure. We can only deny breathing for more than a very few minutes no matter how hard we try to hold our breathe. If we do not drink or eat, our body increasingly demands water and food until we can not resist anymore.

Our body knows what we need and when it is being denied. But we have to consciously decide when we are thirty whether to drink water or battery acid, whether to eat food or eat wood. This is the link between the internal mind of our cellular body and our conscious mind. Selling what we feed our cells is how people are failing their own bodies.


We are getting fat as a people because our cells are starving to death for essential nutrients, trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins. So we eat and eat and eat until our stomach is full - and as soon as there is room we eat more. There is a voice continually inside crying "food, food, food, food".

But no matter how much we eat, as soon as there is room in our stomachs still our cells, our body, press us to eat more and more and more. At the same time, our cells slow down, reproduction slows too (a high source of burning calories) - so we get fat and sick and weak.

Our bodies are not screaming for more calories, more fat, more sugar. They are screaming for Beryllium and Gallium, L-methionine and Scandium, Tantalum and Zirconium... These nutrients, minerals, amino acids and vitamins used to be in our natural diet. But this is no longer so.    When was  the last time you gave your cells these essential nutrients? A  month? Year? Decade?

Probably never.

You may have drunk thousands of sodas, gallons of liquor, literally tons of sugar, barrels of food additives and chemicals, and hundreds of milk shakes. But when was the last time you drank a mineral and amino shake for your own cells?

So our cells, our body, keeps demanding more food vainly hoping for the nutrients they never receive because they are hungry for those trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

We have to make the conscious decision of what that food will be. And we never pick what they need because it is not on the shelf at the grocery store. Fats, sugars, and hydrocarbons are on the shelves. Chemical additives are now in our food, not essential trace nutrients.

So we eat and get fat, eat more and get fatter - we fight feeling hunger continually trying to lose or maintain our weigh - as our cells slows down in function and get old for slowed reproduction - becoming weak, sick and calorie burning decreases - so we get still fatter and out body wants still more food. For many, even going to sleep is difficult and they just keep snacking, because they are instinctively hungry - even if they already consumed 5,000 calories for the day. Their body does not want them to go to sleep until the eat - but to eat what the cells need.

Food in our modern society so accessible a person needs essentially no body fat as a caloric reserve. We do not need to carry 20, 30, 40% body fat in case our crops fail or their is a famine. The body calls for fat when there is a perception of food shortage - and food shortage means nutrients, not just bulk calories.

We should be a particularly sleek and lean people. But we are hungry, starving, craving food - more, always nibbling, peaking in the refrigerator, incessantly. We look in the mirror and wish we could get at least a few pounds off our stomach - even in great despair - but we are just too hungry to fight it. Some invisible voice is demanding more food. Always, more food.

People can carry 20, 50, 100, 200 pounds of fat - and still feel like they are starving - because they are starving. Their cells are starving for minerals, amino acids and vitamins - they want them ALL, not just 3 or 7 or 11. So your body, your cellular body, always demands more food as powerfully as it demands that you breathe. The trillions of cells in your body will never give up demanding the nutrition they need - and it is your best interests to listen to them - AND UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE CALLING FOR. It is not more sugar, fat, protein or hydrocarbons. It is full spectrum nutrition.


Diet pills are the most evil invention of the health supplements industry. There is no more dangerous and ultimately counter productive way to try to lose weight.

Yes, people on diet pills sometimes lose weight. But this happens only when there also are other changes - meaning exercise, eating less and eating better. When you see someone claiming they lost 50 pounds on diet pills, you will see a treadmill in the background and won't find snicker bars in the cupboard. And, statistically, go back in 5 years and they will weigh more than when they started.

Diet pills foremost function by increasing the heart rate. They claim this, then, increases your metabolism and at one level that is accurate. The human heart is a fairly large muscle and increasing the work of a muscle burns calories. Therefore, they claim you will lose weight.

There is no worse, more dangerous way to burn calories than to artificially increase pulse rates and blood pressure. If there is any muscle you want to chemically mess with, it is least of all your heart. This is why diet pills increase jitters, make a person feel odd and even sometimes out of their own bodies, and why diet pills cause strokes and death.

It also is temporary as the body will adjust. Just like a junkie, you have to take more and more for the same result - with all the other dangers and negative effects associated with the drug then increasing. (Herbs are drugs. Most drugs come from organic sources. Because something is "organic" does not mean it is healthy or safe. Arsenic is organic too.)

Finally, when you stop or when it no longer works, you face the opposite effect - and put the weight back on and more.  All you did was damage your heart, train your body to burn less calories, and made the weight battle worse.

So what should you do? Buy a better diet pill! Or give up until you become desperate again.

The alternative, of course, is to feed your cells to end the hunger.

Good cellular nutrition prevents food gorging and ends the internal demand for food. Your body will stop screaming for food when your cells - not your stomach - are full.

The absolute superior way to burn more calories is to maximize cellular performance and particularly cell reproduction. "Birth" takes a lot of energy - and this includes cellular reproduction. With the old, dead cells, contaminants and wasteful material is excreted. If you increase energy (calories burned) for the trillions of cells in your body, your calories burning increases vastly more than just racing up your heart does.

When your cells reach their ideal performance and have all they need in terms of nutrition, they will tell you "no more food". You will not eat as much because your cells, your body, is internally telling you not to - the same, it will slow down your breathing if you are hyperventilating. But you also will burn more calories because every cell of your body is burning more calories.

Not only is this dieting by merely respecting nature, the rational is obvious. Your cells MUST have minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Without ALL of them, they slow down and burn less calories. They can not reproduce - so get old and weak - further slowing them down. So they scream "FOOD! FOOD!" the same as if you are thirsty or need to breathe.

To maximize metabolism, you maximize the metabolism of your cells, not race up your heart muscle. To end the sensation of hunger, you feed your cells.


As one dieting scam falls, another is born. The number of different types of magic diet pills - all with endless testimonials - dates for over 100 years. They claim they "trap fat", "metabolize fat", "prevent storage of fat", increase metabolism" - anything to convince you.

And people keep getting fatter and slowing down. At some point, a person should be rational enough to realize there is a flaw in the concept of a diet pill. But the persuasion of marketers - showing beautiful sleek models and "before-after" photos - allow the consumer to believe what they want to believe.

If you look around the world for cultures in which obesity is very rare, you do find a common reality. It is not diet pills. Their source of food is from essentially organic sources, and comes either from the sea or from land that is either 1.) ancient heavy forest that has eons of accumulated minerals or 2.) is periodically flooded that renews the mineral content in the soil.

The importance of minerals in performance and nutrition and in relation to land dates back thousands of years. Roman legions specifically would use barley and wheat grown on the Nile Delta of Egypt - because they knew by experience those troops could march longer and fight stronger. The Nile annually flooding assured massive levels of minerals. Animals around the world have their mineral licking rocks. Yet it seems ancient people and animals figured out what we can not. Instead, we try to believe in diet pills and magazine ads of the latest discovery.

That is a remarkable aspect of Guardian Of Eden - they look back in time for their concepts and theories - all the way back to a new world (the Garden of Eden") - and to matters as simple (and complex) as the single cell organism - the human cell. They are exactly opposite from essentially every other supplement supplier in theory and perspective.

G.O.E. explained reason for the contrast.

          "In the health supplement  industry, the cost of their ingredients is almost an irrelevancy - it is that cheap. The bottle and label often cost them more than the short list of ingredients - and they use the cheap sources possible - often in completely unabsorbable forms. Their money goes for marketing and advertising. The actual mark-ups are commonly over 2,000% to 5,000% ingredient costs.

          They are snake oil sellers - advertisers - that is their business.

Our advertising budget is exactly $0. Our clientele is intelligent and not so easily fooled. They also are very cautious of what they will put into their mouth. They instinctively know a fast talking sales pitch is just a scam. Instead, they are athletes intensely into the details of their body or wealthy business people who detest cheap, fast snake oil sales pitches.

          The ongoing driving force of our micro company is not really about other people, it is about ourselves. We make no secret that our goal is our own health and developing products for ourselves - personally. That creates an entirely different perspective, doesn't it? What purpose would their be in tricking ourselves?
          For our clients, we make no secret that our prices are expensive. This eliminates any incentive for us to short sell them or cut corners. For the very wealthy or top competitors, these costs are irrelevant and cutting corners would be irrational and economically foolish for them or us. We then use the profits for further self exploration for our own self-purpose - which in turn benefits our clientele the next time they purchase.

          At the core, we believe the answers to health is found in origins and basics of life itself, not in a marketing department."


The medical community, alternative health community, and physical trainers all understand the critical link between mental health and physical health, mental strength and physical strength. No cells in the human body are more dependent upon oxygen, minerals and amino acids than the human brain. Increasingly, the medical community believes that many old age mental health diseases such as Alzheimer's are contributed to by insufficient oxygen. The human brain is an electro-magnetic computer functioning by sending electrical signals through brain cells and brain fluid - for which the chemical balances are critical. Jutrian RX feeds the cells of your brain - not just your muscles.

Many types of cells are always reproducing and always evolving. If you ever notice dust in swirling in the air through cracked blinds, most of that is dead cells flaked off your body (yuck). In fact, if the cells did not evolve and change, did not have and make varieties of themselves, our immune system would not function.

Various organic substances have been explored and some hold promise. For example, it was believed that shark cartilage might open blood vessels - therefore getting more oxygen and health immune system cells into the tumor. Another substance, germanium, has seemed to be highly effective - but is extremely expensive and of limited production availability. It is believed to increase blood oxygen.

Oxygen kills many types of tumor cells. Oxygen is energy for the immunity system cells.  However, this is highly theoretic and is not at the core of hydrogen peroxide advocates.


In much health literature, you will read of "35% Food Grade" Hydrogen Peroxide. "35%" simply means the Hydrogen Peroxide to water ratio. "Food Grade" relates to the level of purity and lack of stabilizers added. 35% is the highest concentration safe to store in ordinary conditions.

"Food Grade" hydrogen peroxide is is called "food grade" because it is rated to be good enough to industrially wash fruits and vegetables with and as a kitchen cleaner. Other grades include industrial, technical, computer, bulk, water and hospital grades. ("Hospital grade" is only for external usage only and has stabilizers to allow long shelf life not suitable for internal consumption).

ALL Hydrogen Peroxide is initially produced at one of only a few massive refineries. NO Hydrogen Peroxide is manufactured at the refinery level for the purpose of internal usage.

The reason "35% food grade" hydrogen peroxide is often mentioned in materials suggesting internal usage of hydrogen peroxide is because that is the only grade the public could obtain that is considered not so contaminated as to usable - and still be cheap enough to be able to afford. It was NEVER meant for internal usage, is NOT ideal for internal usage, and has many shortcomings.

As alternative health folks explored hydrogen peroxide as an internal health supplement due to increasing awareness of the benefits of oxygenation, the only on-the-shelf hydrogen peroxide even possible to use was "food grade" - and because of the word "food", then it figured must be safe to consume.

The "food" of the title is unrelated to consumption. Rather, it mean it was safe enough to use as a cleaning solution in a kitchen. Ammonia and bleach also are safe to use in a kitchen, but that does not mean you consume it. However, hydrogen peroxide is not toxic and therefore is superior and the only safe form for internal usage. The legitimate usage of "food grade hydrogen peroxide" as it comes in the bottle is to sanitize kitchens and it is suitable for washing fruit and vegetables, for pools, spas and foot baths, and is the only choice if you are exploring internal usage.


Hydrogen peroxide (usually 2-3%) has been used to clean cuts for decades and sells usually for under a dollar in drug stores etc. Some people - to save money - wrongly figure they can use this as a supplement simply by not diluting it as much. THIS IS VERY WRONG HEADED. NEVER use over-the-counter antiseptic hydrogen peroxide as a supplement. The same applies even more to hydrogen peroxide available for hair dye as they are laced with other chemicals - including very undesirable ones to use internally. That is why they all read "NOT FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION" on the label.

Such hydrogen peroxide by necessity is heavily laced with stabilizers for many reasons. They inhibit decomposition as it is unknown how it will be stored or for how long - so stabilizers are used to avoid bottles bursting if stored for a long time in high heat. Also, with the concentration already so low, without "stabilizers" to prevent decomposition the bottles would quickly turn into bottles of water only. Stabilizers reduce production and storage costs, and increase shelf and storage life.

The stabilizers also complicate successful refining to higher grade hydrogen peroxide - which the industry wishes to discourage for danger factors.

The stabilizers used in drug store, grocery store, dollar store hydrogen peroxide and hair dyes can be VERY harmful to you. They can include "heavy metals" - which are highly toxic and known to cause brain damage, liver damage and serious health damage. NEVER, EVER use antiseptic hydrogen peroxide internally.


While some now do, most do not. The primary reason is to avoid lawsuits founded in foolishness of some people and because of limited shelf life. 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide should be stored in a cool, completely dark location - which does not lend itself to retail over-the-counter sales.

For people seeking extreme performance or people who just do not believe in instructions, there sometimes will be the reckless attitude that if 1 pill is good, then 2 are better, 4 even better still and certainly then 10 would be great to take - when 10 will kill you. This same mistaken attitude can apply to internal usage of h2o2. 

Hydrogen peroxide, in our view, is HIGHLY beneficial and poises no known risks - IF NOT EXCESSIVE. However, if sold on the mass market in stores where a person may buy it having no idea really what it is and never glancing at the label, the danger is great. Undiluted, hydrogen peroxide is VERY corrosive of flesh - external or internal. TOO MUCH oxygen in the blood is like too pure of oxygen into a car engine. More oxygen will increase a car motor dramatically - but if too high the pistons will literally melt.

To sell pre-diluted hydrogen peroxide would be extremely voluminous. Guardian Of Eden hydrogen peroxide products in 1/2 quart size produce from 75 to 150 GALLONS when properly diluted. 35% concentration is used because it is the highest possible concentration level that is safe to ship and store. Obviously, selling 150 gallon jugs would require massive storage space and a person would mostly paying for shipping, water and the containers. But if not diluted, a foolish or reckless person can hurt themselves VERY quickly and permanently.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SUPPLEMENTING IS VERY, VERY POTENT STUFF - more than people tend to think. It takes only a very small amount to do it's effects - just like a small amount of nitrous oxide injected into a car motor radically increases horsepower - but the motor can only withstand so much. In short, mass over-the-counter sales of undiluted hydrogen peroxide as an internal health supplement is simply too dangerous and too inviting of lawsuits.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND, this is not silly stuff or like taking a vitamin pill. It is directly introducing pure oxygen molecules into your body for your cells - human rocket fuel - for the goal of increasing oxygen levels - and for some as an internal antiseptic. You MUST NOT exceed maximum concentration as MUST dilute it (just ordinary distilled or filtered water) at least the minimum amount recommended (it ranges from 4 to 8 drops per 8 ounces) except very cautiously and gradually as you sense is still benefiting you.

If undiluted concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide was sold at Wal-Mart, it would only be days before someone left it out for children to get hold of or confused it for a bottle mouth wash. Undiluted, concentrated hydrogen peroxide is very (VERY) corrosive of flesh - internally and externally. In short, concentrated hydrogen peroxide can only be reasonable sold to intelligent people who have some idea what it is (and is not) for reasons of safety. In our lawsuit society, this is not an acceptable product as an over-the-counter impulse buy item.

This potency also suggests strongly this is far more potent stuff than the pills you buy in health supply shops. There is an old saying in medicine of "If a large amount will not hurt you, a small amount can not help you." The point of the slogan was to distinguish between true medicine (which does significantly affect the body) and fraud medicine which does nothing. The legally safest product to sell in a bottle is, of course, a product that does nothing at all. The most a person could do is demand their money back - and who bothers? So most "health supplement" bottles are filled with ingredients that do little to nothing. 

This is also often why a person may become deeply involved in supplements, but come to give it up. They find they are taking 10, 20, 30 pills and potions a day - and it is not really doing anything. 

This is extreme. Last week a woman called asking if we had heard of a certain product. We had not and repeatedly asked her to read off the ingredients, rather than tell us what the health store has said it would do for her. She had paid $42 for a one ounce bottle. When she read off the contents (that had lofty sounding chemical definitions), it was stunning. She had paid $42 for a bottle of water with 5% salt in it. $42 for one ounce of table salt water. The bottle was worth $2 as it was a nice bottle. The ingredients cost less than a penny. This is not a rare type story we hear.

Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is quite different. It is very potent.  It is concentrated as high as possible without reaching a level of storage explosion danger.


We tend to think of power in terms of gun powder, but it is among the weakest of explosives (though certainly powerful). Gun powder is preferred because it is extremely stable.

Most remember the tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing in which a van full of something that obliterated a multi-story concrete building hundreds of feet away. This was not by gun powder or TNT (nor hydrogen peroxide). It was, instead, by another oxygenating chemical being combined with an organic material (sorry, do not feel comfortable naming bomb making chemicals, though every chemist understands the principle).

Hydrogen peroxide also is an oxygenator. Oxygen is the core element in power. Extremely concentrated hydrogen peroxide alone can release such power when it's oxygen molecules are released in mass, that even with out adding an organic substance or anything else it can produce so much power as to send a missile into space or the other side of the world - just from the energy of rapid oxygen decomposition. If certain organic substances are added, super concentrated (90%) hydrogen peroxide is one of the most powerful explosives in the world - but also possibly the most unstable. Once decomposition begins and unites with the organic substance, incredible heat and force is spontaneously and catastrophically released.

Simply, do not underrate the amount of oxygen and energy in a few drops of concentrated hydrogen peroxide. It is among the most energy packed and oxygen molecule packed elements in the universe.

Liquid forms of substances can contain huge volumes of energy and atoms. When you boil a pot of water, it will release vast amounts of "bubbles" until it finally boils away. Liquid oxygen is vastly more oxygen dense than pressured oxygen in a gas form as another example. Hydrogen Peroxide contains a huge volume of oxygen.

The air we breathe has only 30% oxygen - with a much higher percentage of carbon dioxide - which is used to extinguish fire. That is what prevents our atmosphere from just bursting into flame. But even with more fire extinguisher CO2 in the air, air still will fuel a fire and to extreme temperatures if a fan is added because the fan adds more oxygen to the fire.

Hydrogen peroxide has no CO2. The amount of oxygen molecules in liquid form is extremely high.

Think of your car. It runs on gasoline. Gasoline only burns when it becomes a vapor - why an open top can filled with gasoline will only burn on the surface if ignited. Only the fumes burn. How far would your car run if you only filled the tank with gasoline fumes? Yet one drop of liquid gasoline when then vaporized with provide enough power to push the pistons down 100 times. Just one drop. This same principle applies to contrasting oxygen in the air we breathe to oxygen in liquid form. The water in hydrogen peroxide supplementing is necessary to delay release until absorbed.

The importance of oxygen for health certainly is well known. If a person is in a life critical situation, the paramedic or hospital do what? They administer oxygen. In virtually any health crisis, the first step is to increase the level of oxygen a person breathes.

While you may believe or not believe that hydrogen peroxide is beneficial, do not question it's potency - assuming it is not old, decayed stock. Oxygen packed hydrogen peroxide is unmatchable powerful stuff and why it is often called "human rocket fuel."


Some of this is obvious and others disputed and worth further examination.

1.) Oxygenation

Hydrogen peroxide is artificially produced. It is water (H2O - two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule) - with an additional oxygen molecule attached (H2O2 - or two hydrogen molecules and two oxygen molecules). Hydrogen molecules, of course, are very small so the bulk and weight is in the oxygen. It is that extra oxygen molecule that is the working agent of hydrogen peroxide - specifically the release of it.

Hydrogen peroxide is inherently unstable - in that the extra oxygen molecule that is easily released. To release that oxygen molecule has two effects: 1.) Obviously it produced pure oxygen molecules and 2.) it releases energy.

While this sound minor, it is not. OXYGEN is a very powerful antiseptic. It is a very powerful bleaching agent. And, of course, the element of all burning (fire, rust etc.) It is the absolute necessity of our bodies. Without it, our cells can not burn fuel. Without, our cells die en mass within seconds. Cells can hold only a small reserve of oxygen and they burn it quickly.

A person can live days without more water and sometimes weeks without more food, but die in minutes without more oxygen. Reduce oxygen in the air, and a person quickly loses strength, become delusional and organs begin to fail (why high altitude climbers and pilots much have supplemental oxygen).

It is obvious that oxygen is at the heart of both physical performance and health. It also seems obvious that declining percentages of oxygen in our atmosphere can not be helping us or without harmful effect. THIS IS THE PROBLEM GUARDIAN OF EDEN IS ADDRESSING - how to get more oxygen back into our blood streams like it should be without wearing oxygen bottles over our shoulder day and night.

Shortages of oxygen in our air is why now it is common for people to wake up coughing when their lungs slow down during sleep. There simply is not enough oxygen. Increases in oxygen have shown to increase intelligence and mental alertness as well.

When you pour antiseptic hydrogen peroxide (which is extremely diluted) on a cut, it foams up. This is a very weak form because it is so diluted and has so many stabilizers to inhibit releasing oxygen (decomposition)

When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with ANY organic substance, it will release it's oxygen molecules. That is the cause of the foaming - the hydrogen peroxide coming in contact with blood, dirt etc. of the wound. It is releasing it's oxygen (the foam) and the oxygen is sanitizing the wound. Oxygen is a very powerful chemical - though we see it as gentle. Our bodies and our cells are hydrocarbon burning machines that run on oxygen. 

Hydrogen peroxide is used throughout the world to purify water supplies. Unlike bleaches and ammonia, hydrogen peroxide is not toxic (it is only water and oxygen). It takes very, very little hydrogen peroxide to purify water.

On the other hand, if you have very high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (50% or more), it becomes extremely powerful in relation to organic substances and interact with certain elements. 50% hydrogen peroxide is actually used for amateur rocket fuel. At 70%, mere contact with organic substance will cause it to flash (steam) with tremendous power.

90% hydrogen peroxide is such a powerful rocket fuel that it powers rockets into space - there is that much energy just in the release of the oxygen molecules from what seems just like water. If you dropped droplets of 90% hydrogen peroxide on dirt, they would "POOF! POOF! POOF!" as they landed - interacting with the organic soil. If 90% hydrogen peroxide is mixed with various organic substances (oil, fatty acids etc.) it becomes as powerful and more unstable than nitroglycerin.

With this, it is understandable that a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide hold an enormous number of extra oxygen molecules - and pure oxygen is very, very powerful stuff.

The premise of hydrogen peroxide as a blood oxygenize is based upon the reality that when hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with ANY organic substance, it will release half of it's oxygen molecules. The more diluted it is, the slower this will happen - allowing absorption. And it all happens at a molecular level - which is the level our cells function on.

Thus, if highly diluted hydrogen peroxide is absorbed (as water your drink is absorbed and passed through the liver and kidneys), it will "decompose" to it's basic elements 1.) water - which your body must have and 2.) molecules of oxygen - which is what your cells use to burn fuel (i.e., their energy source).

This is essential theory of hydrogen peroxide supplementing and it appears sound and obvious. That is simply how hydrogen peroxide works in every application of it for any purpose - to release oxygen.

But there are other more disputed theories.

2. Some claim that the hydrogen peroxide in the blood kills virus, bacteria and fungus - just like it will do if contacting those on the skin or in sanitizing with hydrogen peroxide.

3. Others claim that it is the most powerful of all Oxygenize.

4. Some claim that just as it produces energy for rockets when released, when this is released on a cellular/molecular level it provides the same energy to cells.

5. There are those that claim it helps to avoid many mental illnesses by adding oxygen to the blood flow to the brain.

6. Some believe it is the secret weapon in any physical performance contest - as it is well understood lung capacity and air intake (oxygen level) directly affects strength, endurance and speed - and no drug test can detect this method. In competition, even just a 1% edge makes the cut between the winner and the loser. One cyclist (road racing bicycle) defined it as, "my secret internal supercharger ". More oxygen, more power.

G.O.E. commented that this is a taboo topic as athletes who buy their products - very expensive and why they are willing to buy ONLY the PUREST and BEST - NEVER discuss doing so. They do not want their "secret superchargers" banned or a test developed for it. They are simply pumping more oxygen as the body absorbs the hydrogen peroxide molecules and as their bodies are organic, the hydrogen peroxide releases the 2nd oxygen molecules.

Their "performance drinks" are spiked with Guardian of Eden JUTRIAN RX - flooding their cells with free oxygen molecules, minerals and amino acids - none of which are tested for. If you had a 1% or 3% edge over your competition - when the competition is for best in the world - would you tell anyone this is your secret?

Since most hydrogen peroxide that reaches the health market is junk (decomposed/depleted) or highly contaminated with stabilizers, it not easy to stumble across as a person may try the cheap stuff and conclude it does nothing or even is counter productive - and accurately so.

On the topic of "energy" Guardian Of Eden takes a more simplistic view: "Whether hydrogen peroxide adds more energy to the body quickly degrades to a debate of mystical and metaphysical issues, which we do use in decision process. This is not a magical or religious product - unless your personal beliefs say otherwise. Certainly more oxygen for cells mean the cells have more energy - because that is exactly how cells function and how they get their energy, how they burn their fuel. But beyond that it only becomes philosophical issues and ones that are just personal views.


It is increasingly used in pools and spas as an alternative to bleach and chlorine products. Bleach and chlorine are toxic. Toxic in liquid form. Toxic in vapor form. It also smells awful - which is why people come quickly to rarely actually use their hot tub or pool - or even to sit near it. The body instinctively knows this is poisonous.

There are no toxins in hydrogen peroxide and in water it will ultimately 100% bio-degrade to only pure water and pure oxygen. But before this, it is a very powerful biocide preventing algae and micro-organisms.

In low concentration, h2o2 in pool, spa and bath water is exactly opposite bleach. H2o2 is good for your skin. It oxygenates it and can remove many of the micro pests that live on people's skin.

This is the fastest growth in the usage of h2o2. 


This was the answer we got:

"Making" hydrogen peroxide is not realistic in terms of making it from scratch. The difficult and costs are so great that there is no purpose in doing so.

People do refine hydrogen peroxide, however. Mostly, this is hobbyists who make small hydrogen peroxide rockets. Refinement to increase concentration is done by either distillation or freezing methods.  Trying  to refine hydrogen peroxide past 35% is  extremely dangerous.

This is what they said. "No, it is completely unrealistic to make your own hydrogen peroxide. Yes, some people refine hydrogen peroxide to make a higher concentration to fuel rockets. This requires minimally 50% concentration and most prefer to reach 70% or more.  We will not sell any hydrogen peroxide with a concentration capable of producing explosives or having spontaneous radical decomposition - called steaming - which is the same as making rocket fuel. Higher concentrations that you could store requires stabilizers that you would not want to ingest anyway. It also is  extremely expensive to ship over  35% concentration  as it requires  very costly fees and containers, and even then 50% is the maximum.

They do so to try to save money on their rocket fuel and we have seen diagrams suggesting making distillation units out of   even old paint cans and copper wiring. The only decent home-unit to distill rocket fuel we have seen sells   for about $12,000 dollars and still lacked what we believe some necessary safety equipment.

We also know people actual do this, because they commonly end up in the hospital covered in 3rd degree burns after blowing themselves up. Once you go much over 35% concentration, hydrogen peroxide does change from being very safe to store and use to very dangerous stuff just to have around. It would be much safer to store cases of TNT than to store 70+% hydrogen peroxide and refining past that point becomes a little like juggling hot bottles of nitroglycerin.

So the answer is yes, you can take some of the bullets out a gun, hold it to your head and pull the trigger as many times as you can get away with and yes, you can distill hydrogen peroxide to higher concentration levels. However, the distillation will not remove contaminants because you distill out the water, not the hydrogen peroxide and contaminants or stabilizers. Distillation itself does not purify the solution."


When we asked, the answer with a smiled. "We agreed with you that it is an unethical waste to discard excess product stock when we change our formula, have excess after a customized order, or change our refining or milling procedure. We even agreed to make hydrogen peroxide after our other needs for it is met to the degree when have the capacity. We are even considering offering more ordinary, simple products on a limited public basis. But you are not paying what our customers are paying and your customers can not afford what we otherwise sell.

 We sell nothing unlawful, banned or prohibited by regulation. But we also do not give away secrets. Before the sun sets today, we are confident one or more competitors will win a world class competition somewhere and uses our theories of cellular performance upon the model of Eden. They are not only buying a cellular supplement, they are buying a competitive edge. A competitive edge means exclusiveness and secrecy.

They are not drugged up athletes, they are athletes racing through the Garden of Eden while their competitors are running at relative higher altitude through smog. Their cells are supercharging while their competitions cells are super tired.

A Nascar or Formula One Racer would not tell you the exact details of their current state-of-the-art motor or car and would be outraged if their technician, mechanic, designer or builder did so.

Simply, you did not buy the answer to that question - and the answer to that question is worth millions of dollars to some professional athletes."

I took that for a yes.

Nor have I looked at professional athletics the same since. They talk of human performance in the context of the human machine and as a vastly complex organic cellular super colony machine. That seems rather exotic and esoteric to me, but also rational. The person is the driver of their body, but the person is not the machine. The cells are the machinery. All the person does is operate the accelerator, brake and steering wheel.

As others pump iron to try to beef up their muscles by tearing them, these people endlessly explore how to beef up every individual cell in the human body by study of the evolution of life itself at the smallest level - the single cell. It caused me to wonder what other exotic supplements they might refine and offer in private sales?

When asked why more people do not use hydrogen peroxide for athletic performance, the response was that hydrogen peroxide was promoted years ago only as a disease preventative and spoke of food grade hydrogen peroxide - which is usually contaminated junk.

It was only then that I realized that this is the only source of hydrogen peroxide specifically for nutritional supplementing anywhere at any price.

"With the tightening of drug tests, some competitors tried purging just before competitions - which sometimes works and sometimes not - but this is a real shocker to the system. This can be as extreme as blood transfusions. Others accepted the restrictions, but found remaining competitive essentially impossible. Others explored alternatives. We are an alternative. Our products and principles are so remote from any other company or product, it is not a direction most people consider. Those who do, and find it works, have strong reason to keep it to themselves. The believe that the body can only be benefited by drugs is a seriously mistaken view. The body is best benefits and strengthened by being bought to its purest form. This means making the cells very healthy and - thus - very muscular as well."

Guardian Of Eden apparently also will sometimes refine, mill and blend personalized substances for specific single customers. This is not inexpensive.

          "For example, in the Tour De France, competitors rely upon their personal and team performance. Some team members on the team specifically are for the purpose of a burst-speed ability for a short term or to commit hours to struggling upon a mountain to break wind for the team leader. That team leader will race for weeks in a race that might be decided by 10 seconds. That means being less than 1/100,000th faster than the next closest competitor.

          How much is that 1/100,000th worth? $10? $100? $10,000?

          In retrospect, if that competitor lost by that 1/100,000th, they would spend millions to buy that 1/100,000th of an edge, no?
          Even modest physical ailment or failure for a day can alter the outcome. No one questions the importance of nutrition, diet, lung-oxygen output, and metabolism in that race. Those are at the very core of the race - as it also is a grueling endurance contest between fierce competitors.

          They will do anything that helps win. It is not about gentlemanship or ethics - it is about winning, being the fastest. The early history of the race before marshaled as now was particularly brutal, often corrupt and sometimes violent. The limitation on cheating was only the ability to get away with it, as the ultimate competition's are only measured by who crosses the line first or which one is the last one standing.

          True physical competition is, at it's heart, war. The Tour De France is one of the most fierce personal and team competitions in the world lasting for weeks and I know of no physical competition that rivals it. 

          That competitor is riding a bike that cost over $10,000 in attention and the team collection costs tens of thousands of dollars. Their shoes cost more than most people pay for a month of rent. They all have trained for years and tens of thousands of miles. It is not like a race lasting seconds or a sport game lasting a couple hours. The Tour lasts grueling day after grueling day - wide open performance hour after hour after hour. Overall likely a million dollars in the effort - and nothing, nothing means more than winning. Though there are collective points ratings and other races, it is understood that in the eyes of the world, the winner of the Tour De France is the greatest cyclist in the world. What is that title worth not simply economically, but in self, internal personal worth? How much is being "Greatest in the World" for a person's passion worth?

          Do you think that competitor goes to the corner store for nutrition or picks one item because it cost $35 over another because it cost $37? "Close enough" is not in their vocabulary. No, that competitor will want what that competitor wants and the singular motivation is to win.
          Excuses do not work and challenges can be overcome. Lance Armstrong, 7 time Tour De France winner was diagnosed with advanced testicular tumor that had spread to his lungs. Yet he went on to win, year after year, the most physically demanding of competitions. For most, a negative medical diagnosis becomes an excuse and a surrender. For others, it becomes an avenue and incentive for exploration and - therefore - discoveries they would not otherwise make.

          While tiny modifications of percentages, ratios, and compounds seems trivial, it will be tiny differences that names the winner - with everyone else basically the losers. Who cares who came in 2nd? There can be 10,000 competitors and 2nd place still is losing to a real competitor. That is the reason, too, when we believe we have a better formula or process, we go straight to it and leave the other stock behind. We do not deal in "close enough" either.

          Do you think a competitor has any interest in hearing us say, "This is not quite as good, but you can save $50.00..."? Or do they demand we truthfully say, "at the present state of understanding, we can not conceive of anything more effective than..." and expected us to have brain fevered over that question?

          This is the clientele we wish to have, as it is the standard we pursue for ourselves personally as that is the competitive war we wage in support of our cellular bodies and cellular armies. The others can go to the Internet or GNC and buy bushels of  bottles of magic pills and solutions.

          This is our ethical contract with our clientele - no-compromise. In return, they pay a no-compromise price. They receive a no-compromise cellular supplement. "


I had to ask if he thought he knew who would win the Tour De France this time. He just said, "I have an idea, yes." But that is all he would say.


"Confidentiality" is another standard for Guardian Of Eden. Top competitors do not tell their secrets. Nor does Guardian of Eden. If you were paying as much as over $150 an ounce for a supplement, you would expect that company to keep your secret and would not want the formula printed in a magazine.


"Occasionally, a competitor will be so advanced that officials and others are certain it must be the result of performance drugs. They will test and test again. But the competitor only has that "I've got a secret" twinkle in his or her eyes.

There is no prohibition of oxygen in the blood, because everyone has oxygen in their blood, nor can they set a standard for cellular levels of minerals and amino acids because it is diverse. Unless they set dictated levels of sickliness required, this is the secret door past supplement restrictions. It is the only one - that we can mention anyway."


Later, there was a discussion that if you can truly break an element down to single molecules that are unattached to each other and therefore absorb into the cells themselves, it is essentially undetectable as the cells will alter the substance and single molecules are virtually undetectable anyway.


"All drug tests much have some tolerance because what is in air, water and food is not 100% predictable. If they have a test that can detect every single molecule, even person on earth would fail that test. Single molecules generally are far below any test threshold, but that does involve risks. The risk is further reduced if you can encapsulate those molecules within a difference element that only releases upon chemical reaction with cells themselves - essentially putting them in a disguise with a lock that only cells themselves can unlock. But that is very complex and there is a failure risk in terms of drug testing.

          Some substances will combine with others, chemically altering it, which can allow near instantly eliminating a test-failing substance. Sadly, this also can lead to a clean-person failing a drug test. This is particularly possible if the person is using herbs or herb derivatives because plant cells are very complex molecularly and chemically alter within the human body.  

          There also are methods of rapidly purging banned substances, but so soon before competition as to allow the substances to still remain within the cells or for the effect not to have vanished. The most extreme are competitors who wanted a blood transfusion prior to a competition to replace his blood, which is fully unacceptable in our view. Urine testing is easier to defeat than blood testing, as the urinal tract can be flooded easily with clean liquids. There are theories of how to attack the drug test method by having substances in the blood or urine that will defeat or neutralize the drug test itself.

          There are competitors that will take these risk and they will get away with it 99% of the time. That is their decision and we are not philosophical purists in terms of worshiping the holy drug tests and such tests sometimes deny a competitor life-necessary health care and inhibit legitimate pursuit of helpful substances. However, Jutrian Rx provides no risk of drug test failure that we are aware of or can even imagine possible."


When asked if they could detect by a test if someone was taking hydrogen peroxide, the answer was: "only if it had certain types of stabilizers that inhibit decomposition - meaning some of it would pass through the body without releasing the second oxygen molecule. That would be particularly easy to test for. But without that, no, because there is no hydrogen peroxide left - it is only water and oxygen and all urine and blood is mostly water and oxygen anyway. Hydrogen peroxide itself is a pure substance and molecularly simple.

The remarkable aspect of hydrogen peroxide is that it breaks apart to pure water and pure oxygen when it contacts organic material. Therefore, that is exactly what it does in the human body. This leaves absolutely nothing to test for as that is all it is and nothing else. Herbs and steroids are so molecularly complex that when this combines with all the other substances and chemicals in the body, the chemical processes can product thousands of different compounds - which can trigger a drug test failure even if nothing ingested is prohibited. Many competitors who take herbal or organic based health supplements will fail a drug test, adamant they are not on performance enhancing drugs - which is truthful - but they then carry that stigma the rest of their career. It is unfortunate."




An ant colony is defined as a super organism - tens of thousands of small creatures with specific tasks and even various body designs and instincts that collectively serve the whole colony as a single entity. People sometimes marvel at the tiny ants performing this way.


This does not approach the marvel and complexity of the human (homo sapiens sapiens) super organism - in which microscopic single cell organisms (our cells) collectively function as one creature (us). Some combine together to make an organ of the body (heart, lungs, muscles...). Others are mini-refineries - producing extremely complex chemicals - organic and inorganic composites. Still others act in harmony - but are free flowing around the body like ants streaming out from an ant colony. Some will bring food, others will attack and kill intruding virus, bacteria and fungus. Still others will attack birth-defected cells, removed dead and decaying cells. There is endless micro-chemical refining and chemical alternations throughout this super colony of trillions of single cell organisms.


The most incredible cells are those of our immune system - as they deliberately continually mutate to met new attackers - but with a collective memory of old attackers. If you get a flu, you get sick because your immunity cells do not yet know how to kill that virus. From then on, that virus can not harm you as the "mind" of the immune system remembers how to kill it.


Regardless of any medication you take to treat the symptoms, you will not get well until your immune system evolves to being able to kill the virus, fungus, bacteria or internal defect. ONLY YOUR BODY can kill the virus - medicine only treats symptoms.


But the perpetually evolving cellular systems also mean that things can go wrong very quickly if the cells mutant badly.


The necessity of healthy cells, particularly immune system cells, and the ability of cells to reproduce before becoming too old, is critical to health. It is well understood that weak and sick people get other diseases much easier than healthy and strong people. The battles of life, health, disease, performance and death all are happening at the microscopic, cellular level.


Whether you believe humans evolved from single cell organisms across billions of years or are the result of a master design plan of God, both define life on a cellular level - with more complex life being greater and greater collections of cells acting as a super organism - the human body is so complex as to reach self realization and even an inner voice.  But  the body still is a super  organism consisting of  trillions of cells as how it all works.


A person can not be healthy if their cells are sick, can not be strong if their cells are weak, and can not be young if their cells are old.



When crops are grown, they absorb minerals from the ground. However, the minerals do not replace themselves. Plants can not make minerals - because minerals are not organic. In the natural cycle, these minerals return to the ground when the plant dies and are then used again by the next generation of plants - a cycle that could repeat itself forever. However, when the plant is removed (crops and vegetables), the minerals go with them. So with each generation there is less minerals in the ground and in the plants - until they are fully depleted.

When generations of crops have depleted all minerals from the ground, the plants become devote of minerals. Therefore, our food becomes devote of minerals - and then so to our cells. Even if  we buy "fresh" vegetables and fruit, they are still virtually devoid of  minerals.  A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is superior to  a diet of burgers and fries - because it avoid ed the bad elements of the burger and fries.  But a diet of fruit and vegetables is not a diet rich in minerals, but rather still one mostly devoid of minerals.


People used to drink water from deep mineral wells or streams flowing from mountains - laced with minerals they collect from the rocks and soil around them. Often animals in nature will be seen licking rocks for the minerals. But we do not drink mineral water. Instead we drink either tap water or distilled water - both without minerals. The meat we eat is from cattle grown on these depleted crops. So is the milk we drink.


Then next time you make a meal or shop at a grocery store, read the labels and add up the percentage of minerals on the back of each box and can. There will be ZERO of over 90% of the minerals your body uses, and you will be luck if it adds up to 25% of those even the government claims is the MINIMAL daily need. Look at the descriptions on FRESH fruits and vegetables at grocery stores - and you will see the same thing. PLANTS CAN NOT MANUFACTURE MINERALS. They can only absorb them from the soil - and our agricultural soil has been depleted of minerals for decades.


Most our food is processed - meaning boiled and canned in liquid - what tiny bit remains of minerals are lose in the water that is then dumped down the drain. The heating and preservatives destroy the amino acids.


A result is that while people have the greatest variety of food to selection from in history, our food is nearly absence of amino acids and minerals. We have a highly diverse selection of junk food to pick from - though some looks and sounds really healthy.

Time to time, the health harms of a specific mineral shortage were so great the government has required addition of a mineral or vitamin. For example, it required adding iodine to salt due to epidemic illnesses from lack of iodine. Yet probably you never thought of taking iodine, no? Without it, you will likely get sicker and sicker and slowly die in overall deteriorating health. This is only one of dozens of obscure minerals your cells MUST have to function efficiently and reproduce correctly.


It is likely you have not heard of most minerals your body uses. Yet lack of one deteriorates the whole system.

I believe this is why our generation is so plagued with degenerative diseases of the body and mind. We do not grow old gracefully, but sickly. As we age, there are increasingly high statistical odds that we will come to face horrifying mental or physical ailments. 


ONLY when there is an obvious and massive specific health crisis does the government dictate supplementing food. But what about all the other minerals your body (cells) use?


What happens if they are missing just one mineral they need? Fortunately, for most minerals they only need very little - just enough for a niche in the cell function (they do not consume-burn the mineral, but just an element of their structure and internal chemical bath.) But if a cell needs a mineral to function   or to reproduce itself - and does not have it - then obviously it can not function correctly and will not reproduce itself correctly or rapidly until that specific mineral is obtained.  Lack of minerals and amino acids  inhibit cell  production and reproduction - leading to older  cells that are weaker, deteriorated and  more easily attacked by fungus, virus and  other harmful micro-organisms.

If you had to pick an army to defend your country, you would pick an army of 25 year old soldiers over 90 years old soldiers. The same applies to the armies of your immune system.


So we eat and eat and eat and eat tons of calories, sugars and fats - because our cells are screaming for FOOD! - but not for fat, but minerals and amino acids.


We no longer live in the Garden of Eden of sweet air and pure water. We live in a world of chemicals and radiation.

As our mineral intake has gone to virtually none, the attacks against our cells continues to increase rapidly. Complex pollutants are in the air we breathe - including artificial chemicals ranging from extremely toxic pesticides to heavy metals to complex petrochemical and plastic chemicals. We are being continually blasted with traces of radiation - from the residuals of burning oil (all oil sources have trace radioactivity), from microwave ovens and microwave transmitters of TV and cell phones, radiation from the TV we watch and, yes, from the computer monitor in front of you right now. Your cell phone is sending waves of radiation and photons into your skill.  Radiation distorts cellular dna - and that is a formula for a weakened immune system, low rates of cell reproduction and degenerative diseases.


The result is geometric increases in all manner of degenerative diseases, increasing aches and pains, and slowing of physical and mental process. Only a very small percentage of people now actually die of old age. They die of degenerative diseases. Maybe the worst are mental degenerative diseases, which are increasing geometrically and increasingly at younger ages.


JUTRIAN RX is meant to provide those rare trace minerals we otherwise never get, to offset the lower levels of oxygen in the air, and provide amino supplementing. The goal is NOT to mega dose on anything - but to make sure that the cells all have enough to perform their function they way they used to be able to in a pure, complete natural world.




 When we asked what simple methods a person should follow for better health other than their JUTRIAN RX, and if the person has a tight budget, what would they recommend? This was their answer:


1. Use a carbon filter for all drinking and cooking water


2. Reduce meat intake unless you are buying organic meat because of the pesticides, steroids and other drugs used to keep cattle and chickens alive.


3. Add an air filter to your house, including an ionic air filter. If your budget allows, add an ozone generator.


4. Take LARGE amounts of calcium - along with magnesium and zinc - but that it is critical to also take vitamin D unless you are in the sun every day for extended periods - which they highly recommend against. How much calcium you take will not matter without vitamin D as it is an absolutely necessary element of absorbing and processing calcium.


5. Use only small amounts of dairy products, but modest amounts are fine.


6. Eliminate as much processed sugar as possible and replace it with stevia.


7. Take multi-purpose vitamins every day and 3 times the suggested level.


8. Never take any "diet pill" or "energy pill" - even if herbal - for reasons of health or weight lose. They commented an herbal energy pill to stay awake while long-distance driving is acceptable if not excessive - but never use an energy pill for performance (it is just too dangerous - i.e. try to go fast after you have a stroke from extreme effort plus the effects of energy pills combine).


9. They said that while initially homeopathic seemed valid, increasing evidence is that it's nature of tricking the immune systems appears to have long term negative effects and they do not recommend routine usage of homeopathics - though occasional use is acceptable.


10. Try to eliminate artificial chemicals and preservatives when practical, but the body can handle small amounts.


11. If a person is a vegetarian, they believe eggs, cheese, milk or fish are vital. One commented "homo sapien sapiens (humans) have semi-canine teeth and grinding teeth. Our bodies are evolved and designed for a mix of plant and animal food."

12. Eliminate toxins from your pool and spa water.

13. Occasionally take a sea salt bath.

SPECIFICALLY, in addition to Jutrian RX, a person needs LOTS of calcium (with supporting magnesium, zinc, potassium and vitamin D), and a full spectrum daily vitamin. Other than adding water (drinking) and calories (food), your cells have everything they need. More oxygen is always better than less.


Prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, herbs, homeopathics, teas, etc. 98% of the time are to treat symptoms, not to cure. What cures you is your own body and immunity system - and a strong immunity systems means the odds of your even needing either a cure or treatment symptoms is greatly reduced. But if you have a physical ailment,  do your part to support your own immune  system as it is the best weapon your body  has. Wars are lost when armies are not supplied.  Battles with disease will be lost if  the immune system is not supplied. It can be that simple.




A tiny, micro company openly stating they prefer to remain in the shadows and the staff itself seems to tell the story as all say they use Guardian Of Eden products.


They are not athletes or body builders. The main exercise seems limited to cycling to the store now and then, though one of the older staff (50ish) is an avid cyclist. (It was appealing our case to him that convinced making their product more available - or least a few of their excess product runs). They also are environmentalists, often use mass transit and bicycles to travel, and drive little vehicles like 3 cylinder Geo Metros. They claim their production produces no pollution of any kind as all their materials are either safe, organic and mineral materials or chemicals that degrade only to water and oxygen.

The origins of the company came from a desire to have such products for themselves - assembling a micro refinery, milling and purifying factory - because they could not find an acceptable source of hydrogen peroxide or many other of their substances and it grew from there.


They admit they are highly resistant to "hype of miracle cures, magic herbs and have essentially no trust in the health-performance retail industry that sells nickel pills at outrageous prices" and are stubborn, uncompromising and completely devoted to their clientele and their purpose.


They are adamant that they do not sell "drugs" - but instead are a "cellular supplement resource". When asked what other company's product competes with Jutrian Rx, the reply was that no one else in the world they are aware of refines internal supplemental hydrogen peroxide and there is no other product like Jutrian Rx.


I found this next matter really fascinating, so put it at the end as it seems to tell the Guardian of Eden story.




          "We are all mortal -  all are destined to ultimately shipwreck - we all die. The question, then, must be of the extension, the quality, the effort and the mentality of our life efforts, of what manner of ship was this?

          We cannot return to the Garden of Eden and immortality in this reality. But now it is human-kind itself that evicts us further and further away from Eden.

          So many are looking for cures and answers, hope and solutions in great and magical answers over the horizon - to find health in snake oil and hope in outside invasion. We want to believe the answer is "out there."

          When the magic pills fail, we then turn to self-inflicted pain in radical physical workouts or intense self denial of desires - believing somehow if we suffer enough we will be rewarded or that we are being punished for some sin or selfishness. We hope to endure it, rather than continue to advance through and despite it. When all this also fails us, we slouch our shoulders and resolve ourselves to the endless grind of life and give up on ever solving the puzzle - attempting to replace defeating despair with acceptance of apathy. In the end, then only waiting for death and hope it will not be too terribly painful. When a person lays down in acceptance, death will comes even while still alive. Ultimately, we have diminished ourselves more than even the disease has.

          We disagree fully and instead look to the origin - to the single cell of life itself - and the single cells of our own body.

          While I am my thoughts, I am dependent upon my body and my body is my cells. I demand so much from those cells, surely I can at least show them the most minor respect for what they need too. Any other view has come to seem suicidal.

          I can not succeed, cannot win, cannot declare I do all I can do and then blame some "them" or "that" - or even claim I am an ethical and compassionate person -  if I give no worth to those cellular creatures - the cells of my own body. If I show respect and reverence for any creatures, it should be to those for no other creatures are more loyal or serve me better than the single cell organisms of my own body.  Yet as they sacrifice themselves, usually they are only abused and neglected in return.

          The most powerful microscopes still struggle to grasp all the complexity of a single cell. The finer the resolution, still the next layers of complexity are found. Human cells are not amoebas. They possession vastly complex internal structures, complex chemical processes of digestion, feeding, magnetic fields and no one has a clue how they decide, determine, adjust, communicate with each other, and reason out problems or realize the environment around them. The more we learn, the more complex a cell is revealed to be.

          A Noble Peace Prize winning researcher was cast out of the scientific community for a claim that he had independently discovered that another entire level of small life forms live within the dna structures of every cell and that each cell is a vast and complex super colony organism. This resulted after an extremely fine optical microscope was developed that did not obliterate living tissue as do electron microscopes allowing actually looking at dna structure.

           He claimed his research suggested the members of that macro community demonstrated both purpose and possibly intelligence. He suggested these organisms built greater life forms for their own purpose, thus building our bodies they way that we build apartment complexes and cities. They were adamant that these macro communities of each cell communicate with each other and suggested if he could see even smaller, he would find those sub-cellular creatures had their own internal complexities.

          Why was that so unacceptable to believe, given that a cell contains billions of atoms? In the other direction, our solar system is merely an atom of the structure of the universe. The fear was not of that Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist was wrong, but that he was correct and, if so, it turned the medical community and our understanding of life itself upside down.

          When urged to rethink his position, instead he hardened his view still deeper and more revolutionary. He claimed these sub-cellular nano-creatures were virtually impervious to heat, radiation and crushing forces and existed in the cells of every life form. In his opinion, they are virtually immortal and move from host to host and new life to new life. He speculated that because the heat and radiation in space would not harm them, possibly they were the origins and common link to life itself - whether by evolution or God's means of building life.

       As the chemistry in the plant, animal or person they were in became undesirable, they would increasingly leave that host - and the rate of their departure determined the life span and health of that life. Therefore, by adjusting chemistry suitable to those nano-creatures, life spans could be greatly increased. He claimed to have  tested this  in a preliminary way with corn and that they could extend the life of the corn, cause the corn to die prematurely, cause the corn to develop tumors or be cured of it  by altering the cellular  chemistry these organisms resided in. 

All living organisms are subject  to tumors and have  life spans. Even plants get tumors.  But what determines  how fast that life clock runs or in which direction? Which of the same plant or animal will fall to tumors and which ones will not. They believed that human life could be increased to hundreds of  years and cellular diseases virtually eliminated within a decade if this phenomenon was researched in depth.

          What was those two recognized brilliant scientists real crime that was so troubling? They argued that they were having increasing success in attempting to communicate with these cellular macro communities via alterations of cellular chemistry and in a way that would result in affecting a person's health and life span. If so,  each person could become the general of the armies of cells within their own body,  giving communicated commands and instruction for the benefit of the entire community of the human body.

          They were attempting to make a direct communication link with living cells themselves - claiming they were more complex than anyone had ever imagined and had the audacity to suggest cells are intelligent super-organism life forms living as communities in the ocean of our bodies - just as people live as a community on earth. Like people, their world has a vast variety of life of all types and sizes, that cells divide into jobs and tasks, act in harmony and even engage in war. They also were claiming that the cellular chemistry of any plant or animal was the decisive factor of health and life span. It was not just bad luck or the draw of the cards of who lived or died or how long or well a person lived.

           In some ways this seems obvious. Our health and our life span is determined by the cells of our body. Therefore, health focus should be at that level.

Sure, those are mind boggling concepts. Yet I do not need to understand or accept a single word of it whatsoever to understand that cellular health is important to my health and well being.

          If all each my cells need from me is as simple as oxygen, minerals, vitamins, a few amino acids and other fundamental organic materials than would fit on a pinhead, why would I refuse? I'm too busy? It's a bother? I cannot afford to feed them for pennies a day?

          The reality of the cells of my body is that "Them" is "I".

          So I have decided to attempt deny them nothing they need that I can learn of. Not one element, not one mineral, not one atom or molecule I know of. I will put on their plate what they wish - just as I do for myself.   Just as they endlessly strive to figure how best to serve me by trial and error, so I now do the same for them.

          For our clientele who compete to be the greatest of our species at physical performance in the whole earth in their field of competition, they understand that it is not their ideology, soul or good looks that is competing - but the collection of their cells against every other super-cell human organism on the field, on the road, or in the arena.

          I have yet to hear a single competitor in their winner's speech of appreciation say, "I wish to thank the trillions of microscopic creatures that made this all possible, my cells. Thank you one and all." I suppose that would be a little more that a bit peculiar, though.

          For our wealthy clientele, they understand that it is worth throwing a few relative crumbs of their income to servicing their cells, not just their yachts and mansions. All those things become nothing if their cellular army loses just one of the millions of wars against invaders or fails to address a single organic defect. What greater investment can they make?

           Instead, we breathe poisons, eat toxins in our food, and even go swimming is pools of toxic chemicals. We say "super size it" to a meal of flour bleached out any value, grease, steroids and antibiotics in the meat, processed salt, sugar, food dyes and starch." Followed by a chemical diet drink or diet pill as our statement of health. Not 1% of the population ever looks a menu or goes through a grocery store with the question, "what is good for me?"  We consider eating junk food as "treating ourselves", when that treat is worst that what we feed cattle and chickens and or the cheapest dog food on the shelf. We will spend $5 for a burger, fries and a coke - an extreme markup - but will not pay the extra dime for an organically grown apple. We live and die on syrup water, chemical colors, starch, and fat as our daily diet. Maybe, just maybe, will take a ten cent vitamin pill once in a while.

          When our bodies fail us - and they will - we hope a professional can give us the answer to the horrifying bad report of our fate in the doctor's office. We lament "Why me? What did I do to deserve this?"  as though illness is a question of fairness or punishment - or just bad luck. Yet luck, fairness and punishment are not factors at all.

           It is not accurate, however, that it is nobody's fault.
           Fault lies is agencies that certified meat, milk, treated tap water and the oceans of chemicals and toxins in our diet as "safe" and even "certified" and "inspected."  Fault lies in health standards that allow putting toxins, radiations and dna destroying compounds into our air, water and soil based upon an average78 year life span if all goes right. 

          Fault lies many places.

           The importance of nutrition has been known to the human race for thousands of years and long before it known that such a thing as vitamins, minerals and amino acids existed. It has been known medically and scientifically for centuries that many diseases and illnesses are a direct result of the lack of specific vitamins or minerals. It was known hundreds of years ago that sailors will die if only on a meat and bread diet, for which fruit was brought along. It was known that lack of iodine causes gout. The list is long. But this most basic fact of health that is fully solved for pennies a day has been by a drug industry whose goal is to find the most expensive pills they have exclusive rights to as possible - for which the belief that it is beneficial is what dictates, not whether it is beneficial.

            Fault lies in governments that provide legal patent protection to drug companies to be able to sell life and death medication for whatever price they want at any mark up they want, with no concern of how many die for the inability to pay a 50,000% profit margin - while at the same time the government gives drug companies complete anti-trust protection granted no other industry to support unrestricted price gouging that works by extorting people with their very lives.
          Fault lies in politicians receiving tens of millions of dollars a year to literally make it a criminal offense to try to obtain such life-necessary drugs elsewhere or on your own. Fault lies in those politicians for declaring the medical cost and drug cost crisis are the fault of lawyers, insurance companies and any and everyone else but the unique laws bought from those political by the drug companies. Politicians in government are not going to cure the problem as they created the problem themselves for contribution bribery - and they know it.

          Fault lies in bribed government officials who declare it legal to sell drugs that cost hundreds of dollars a month, with it little known what it does that is harmful, while making it a felony to declare a natural remedy that cost pennies might help someone health wise.
            The concept that a corporation can declare ownership of a life-death drug - when all drugs originate from nature - for which they can then extort any price that the corporation wishes regardless of cost of production is the greatest institutional evil and immortality possible.

            This is not an abstract moralization. It is exactly no different than would to be institutionally selling people's names for which the winning corporation could demand whatever ransom they determined or they could legally torture the person to death under the authority and with the aid of the government. The drug companies hold up pills that cost a quarter before millions of people in torturous and lethal pain and demand $25 each or the person can just die. And most do not have it and do - as the government has declared it a criminal offense for anyone else to give or sell it to them.

           To question this or declare this is a social issue, for which the people through their government should obtain life saving drugs as easily and cheaply as possible,  is to hear the declaration that this violates free enterprise that is asserted as the unwritten first law of ten commandments with "God" and "morality" replaced with with institutionalized and unlimited deadly greed for the super rich. Pay our extortion or die is the law of the drug industry.

           Fault lies with we, the people, for tolerating this or buying slogans and words such as "conservative" and "free enterprise", when actually it is raw evil, the worse form of government corruption, and little different that corporate murder for profit.

          Fault lies in the concept of health care that presumes terrible diseases as only profit centers for treatment, rather than focus upon preventative health maintenance. Tens of billions are spent in the health industry to keep ill people alive, with essentially nothing spent to insure that our food has even the most well known minimal levels of cellular nutrients. For the price of one hospital built on government funds, our national food supply could be supplemented with all vitamins, minerals and amino acids for every person for months. Doing so would keep a million people a month out of hospitals.

             Fault lies in we, the people, for not expressing more gratitude and support for those in the medical industry who do focus on health care over personal profit - often making real economic and personal sacrifices to do so. Fault lies in we, the people, for not taking the time to search out such medical professionals.

            Fault lines in the school cafeteria line, with menus planned upon a mix of what is the cheapest way to feed children food they will eat, rather than food that is good for children. Fault lies in a teaching that the measure of food is solely a measure of calories. 

            Fault can be found in a military system that can be reckless with the most complex and volatile life destroying substances and in only half understood drugs given to personnel.

           Fault lies in corporate farming on government support eliminating small family farms and upon the government encouraging same-crop year after decade and in tolerating - even certifying - the mass usage of steroid and antibiotics  in meats of all kinds, even allowing the selling of meats from diseased livestock.

            Fault lies in our chemical industries and manufacturers and an economic political system that defined levels of extreme poisons as "safe" levels in our environment. Fault lies in subsidized drug companies that define the best medicine is, of course, the most expensive medicine. Fault lies with we, the people, for not drawing distinction between the good and responsible chemical industries and the bad ones, and for paying little attention to such issues. Fault lies with we, the people, and with politicians for not making distinction between regulations needed for our environment and those that are bureaucratic harassment and shakedowns of good, honest companies that do not pay contribution bribery.

            And, for many, fault also lies with themselves. We knew we should have eaten better and taken better care of themselves. Fault lies in acceptance of "its too late" in the face of serious medical illness.

            Assigning fault is not a cure.

           When ill, go to the doctor. Listen to the doctor's advise. But it would also be wise to look in the mirror and ask, "What can I do for myself?"  You will live the consequences of whatever decision you make. Decisions of how to avoid becoming ill. Decisions of when you become ill.

          A diagnosis of a terrible or fatal illness can lead to moments of deep feelings of loneliness and helplessness. The more crowded our world and lives become, the lonelier it seems people have become. Yet in that battle, you are not alone. Billions of creatures, your cells, are completely on your side. They are completely depending upon you winning, just as you are dependent upon them. When it comes to fighting disease and physical failure, the truth is that they are more knowledgeable than you can  comprehend - as that is their sole purpose of existence: To fight and even die to keep you alive and well. So be good to them.

          Increasingly, I have come to realize that much of life, of the world, of God and of myself is not out there at all, but inside myself. The greatest and most decisive battles in my life are the ones I can not see. The battle of my cells slaughtering virus, bacteria, fungus and defective cells by the billions - every day, every night - as our industrial world of toxic chemicals and radiation increasingly join forces to defeat my armies. The enemy hordes are relentless. No matter what stock I buy, what clothes I wear and what books I read, my whole life is dependent upon my cellular army winning ever battle and every war.

          Maybe we should degrade the quality of our products and eccentricity of our passion and quest in an attempt to serve all of humanity - but then we enter the world of the snake oil sellers and con artists - the world of merchandisers and those trying to pick my pocket pushing nickel pills with all claiming to be the one selling magic beans of Jack and the Beanstalk - not like the other 100,000 liars before them.

           Of marketing and profits? In the area of products related to health are found the most noble and the most evil of our species. Let me give you an example.

           If profit were the sole driving force, we could buy exhausted hydrogen peroxide from clothing manufacturers, dilute it further to 2%, and sell it as hydrogen peroxide therapy for $29.95 for 4 ounces, claiming this a mark-down from a retail price of $59.49. This would mean selling fifty cents a gallon exhausted industrial grade hydroogen peroxide with exorbitantly harmful toxins and heavy metals for over $2,500 a gallon. Some might see selling fifty cents of poison as a health product for $2,500 as particularly clever. If we did so, we would be acting within the range of typical ethics, quality and margins of profit of the majority of products in the health industry today.

          Yet if we enter that world of those consumers blindly running from tent to tent of pitch men and marathon TV infomercials all hawking miracles in bottles of nickel pills, who have we served? Who would even listen in that market place of foolishness but foolish people? I would prefer not to be in the field of fooling foolish people. Instead, I would rather just go ride my bike; just my cells and I.

          As our species races to ever more destroy the little left of our Eden, I yearn to return to the Garden. Maybe that, too, is a cry of my cellular friends - they want to go home from where they first came.

          Personally, I give credit for my self existence - my soul and inner voice of self realization - to my God. But for everything else of this life, I give credit to my cells. Without them, I am evicted from this life and realty.

           No, I do not lotus position meditate in communion with my cells, though maybe it wouldn't hurt once in a while. I have been discussions in which others who claim human cells do not qualify as a living creature because they do not think - as if anyone has a clue whether they do or not or as if this makes any difference to the issue.

          This is what I know is true of my cells. If they lose, I lose.

          THIS is the truism of each person's life. Every conscious effort of my life is reduced to nothingness if just one of my cells loses a decisive battle with one a lethal tumor cell or lethal virus. As they sacrifice themselves without hesitation by the billions for me, maybe an ethical man would pause a moment now and then with a thank you. As much as I admire the noble whale and worry of their future, should I not admire and worry more of those creatures of such devotion to me?

          Increasingly, my suspicion is that they are wiser than I anyway. My cellular body does not need my ideology to exist, but I am entirely dependent upon their wisdom. Without them - the cells of my own body - I do not exist. Therefore, they are important."

Theoretician for Guardian Of Eden

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