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Silver is one of the most ancient of medical remedies and was believed to have mystical powers. The most famous example was a belief in that silver would kill vampires, werewolves and evil spirits, which they believed was what diseases are. Throughout history, silver has been believed to have great power. Before germs were understood, it was believed diseases came from "bad air," which was essentially accurate, they just didn't know why the air was bad. Many remedies involved silver. Increasingly, many ancient natural remedies are now understood to have value as the ancient peoples had learned by trial and error, with only nature at their disposal.

Until a few decades ago, some form of silver potions would be in licensed doctor's medical bags. US laws required a silver based solution to be put into the eyes of newborns to prevent any gonorrhea the mother might have from infecting the newborn's eyes. There are volumes of materials online discussing colloidal silver that you may wish to explore.

However, recent F.D.A. guidelines prohibits any merchant of Colloidal Silver from claiming any health benefit internally. It is still legal to have, use, buy and sell Colloidal Silver in the USA. BUT THIS MAY NOT LAST FOR LONG. European Countries just outlawed selling Colloidal Silver - and its not rare for the USA to follow European personal health care restrictions and prohibitions on individual's health decisions.

While some claim colloidal gold is beneficial to brain and nervous system function, this is controversial even in the alternative personal health care community and F.D.A. regulations also prohibit our suggesting any health benefit. Again, you will have to do your own research.


Virtually all other offerings of colloidal silver are made by simplistic electrolysis. Nearly all is made in the home/apartment or small location by using a tiny transformer (which basically is just a small battery charger) running electricity through silver wires. They often add salt to the solution to increase electricity flowing through the water. The salt artificially increases the apparent measurable ppm of the solution.

That ineffective process takes about 1 hour. The resulting product is almost pure profit and has little value. It is only ionic silver bits and dissolved salt. Any colloidal silver produced is only a trivial level. They then offer it on websites that make themselves appear a major laboratory or expert with volumes of informational materials and so-called test results claiming the validity of their colloidal silver as being "colloidal." It is not. It is ionic silver and dissolved salt. Yes, it will measure ppms on a water testing meter. But those do not measure the percentage that is colloidal or the percentage that is silver particles.

Some of those also sell tiny transformer kits for hundreds of dollars claiming you can make colloidal silver yourself. However, the result will be only ionic silver despite claims otherwise. You could make such a kit yourself by an inexpensive small battery charger, but you would be wasting your money either way.

If fact, nearly all of the contents of what is sold online and labeled as colloidal silver is ionic silver. The electrolysis essentially blows up tiny chunks of silver of the ionic size, not colloidal size. Colloidal technically means 100 nanometers or less. Over 100 nanometers is ionic silver. Ionic silver might as well be the size of pebbles in relation to cells. Even the high end of 100 nanometers is too large.

Worse, some take a cheaper route using silver nitrate to make colloidal silver. Silver nitrate is a toxic substance with numerous harmful side effects.

Most Colloidal Silver sold online is cheap "ionic" silver made basically using a small battery charger.

We are one of the few companies offering Stabilized Colloidal Silver, which is over 20 times more potent and effective than other forms of Colloidal Silver. Safe for internal and external usage, plus sterilization, it is even 20 times more powerful that chlorine (which is a deadly toxin).

While cheap homemade so-called ionic silver being labeled and sold online as "Colloidal Silver" is VERY cheap and fast to make, our stabilized colloidal silver takes over a month to produce and is not a homemade product.

For personal use, it is used EXACTLY the same as any other colloidal silver, but is VASTLY more effective and powerful. Due to production costs and time it also tends to be MUCH more expensive than the cheap stuff being sold online.

Is this colloidal silver? However, to be more specific, it is stabilized peroxide silver colloidal silver. This is not a product commonly seen online since it is not a product people can make in their dorm room, apartment or kitchen. Simply put, this is the REAL THING - not only TRUE colloidal silver, but THE most potent and effective colloidal silver you can obtain at any price.

This sale and these prices likely will not last long.
How To Spot Fake Colloidal Silver Offered Online?
Colloidal silver is always a clear liquid. It is not does not have a yellow, tan or green tint. Since it is microscopic silver and water, there is nothing with color in it. The color is due to other ingredients used to show on a parts per million (ppm) meter. A laser shown thru clear colloidal silver liquid will shine brightly in the liquid.

Offerings of high ppm colloidal silver are frauds. Water will only hold a limited amount of silver, a heavy metal. Merchants offering 500 to as high as 50,000 ppm are selling bottles of water with dissolved substances in it such as unnamed proteins, sugar, salt, alum or other substances that dissolve in water at high level and beyond what is possible with silver.

There is no such thing as "pharmaceutical grade silver." If you see that mentioned on a website for colloidal silver it is a fraud product. Usually those merchants are 100% fraud homebased sellers filling bottles of water in their kitchen and then just dissolving anything into it to register on a ppm meter. They often will mention "protein" as well in their website, which may have a huge amount of scientific wording and claimed studies to try to seem legitimate. Anyone selling online mentioning "pharmaceutical grade silver" and/or "protein" is not offering a legitimate product.

There is no protein in colloidal silver. Both silver and water are inorganic and contains no protein. There are thousands of proteins, some harmful. If there is any mention of protein the product is a fraud and is not colloidal silver.

So is our colloidal silver more expensive?

No. Generally it is less costly than the fake solutions sold online.

There is a clear irony it is surprising the contradictions you find by those selling the fake colloidal silver and also selling kits to make it. While their prices for fake colloidal silver are extremely high at $100 a gallon or more, at the same time they boast if you buy their kits (usually well over $100), you can make it for pennies a gallon. Do you see the contradiction? If it can be made for a nickel a gallon, why do they charge over $100 a gallon to buy it from them if you don't want to make it yourself?

Seriously, do you really believe you can make TRUE colloidal silver for 2 cents a quart? What you do know is what they are selling you didn't cost them more than 2 cents a quart to make - probably in their kitchen with one of their own battery charger with a timer on it kits.

While the multi-stage process of the colloidal silver we offer is costly, complex, and slow, by breaking down the silver on the atomic level as completely as possible the result is an extremely concentrated solution generally 50 to 100 times more concentrated. However, more importantly it is as much as 200 times more effective.

What is the concentration level?

Our colloidal silver and gold is a minimum of 100 ppm. In addition to be true colloidal silver, it is 150% to 300% more concentrated.

Why did the FDA ban health claims by sellers of colloidal silver?

We can not speak for the FDA. The FDA did not claim usage is known to damage health, unless silver nitrate. Nor has the sale or discussion of colloidal silver been banned. Rather, the FDA cited internet sellers selling colloidal silver online promising quick and certain cures for nearly every possible disease including cancer and HIV/AIDS. These were largely home-based sellers and affiliate sellers who will say anything to sell anything.

No one can claim any product of any kind produces a cure or health benefit unless approved of by the FDA. No claim can be made of biocide application. The extreme promises of instant cures for all diseases, illnesses and medical conditions became so widespread the FDA banned making such claims and EU governments banned the sale entirely to stop this problem.

We do not claim colloidal silver offers any health or biocide benefit nor do we claim it does not. Like all personal health decisions, these are up to you to research and explore. It is always wise to speak to who you consider a qualified health care advisor or professional.


True colloidal silver is virtually impossible to find anymore. You can find homemade ionic silver people make in their homes falsely labeled colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has nearly an indefinite shelf life. It never decomposes. It may not be publicly available to buy at all soon. What we offer is generally 300% more concentrated than what most offer, meaning 300% more, and it is true colloidal silver.


There are no instances we can find of anyone suffering any adverse health affects from any level of usage.


Our production is in batches. A new batch has just been finalized from it's multi-stage processing. This means we have a large inventory. When this sells out the sale will end.


The shelf life of Guardian Of Eden capped colloidal silver is decades if not contaminated.  So Stock Up!

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