The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide

Miracle Path to Wellness

by Mary Wright

About the 2014 True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide; Miracle Path To Wellness:

     When early proofs of this book (the first week of January, 2014) were provided to a select list of brick- and-mortar health and wellness supply stores and online health products merchants, the first print run of this book was sold-out due to pre-ordering this unique and brilliant book before it reached the public market. By the third week, its second print run was sold-out by retailers (the book retails for $27.50.) The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path to Wellness is that outstanding.

     Only with the 3rd printing (end of January 2014) has it been possible to offer this book online. The author wants the information of this book to get out there, so it is offered at $10.00 off with and free shipping for a limited basis.

     This is a notably documented book. Many well-known and respected professionals, organizations and individuals in the field of hydrogen peroxide therapy and oxygenation contributed to this extraordinary book, as did others in other fields of cutting-edge personal, natural and alternative health and wellness topics. The authorities and information is a composite of information by among the most respected medical researchers, doctors, medical universities and biochemists, blended with the insights and knowledge of professional alternative health and wellness practitioners gained by their own studies and acquired knowledge - all leading to today.

     This is not a book that fills space with page after page of complaints against government agencies, drug companies and organized medicine - doing so because such books actually have very little to say. Yet those are wasted words just to fill space. You have already formed your opinion on those topics or you would not be exploring for alternatives of how you can take control of your own health and wellness - possibly with urgent reasons to do so. (In fact it is urgent that we all do so.)

     The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path to Wellness takes you along a path of knowledge and understanding. It starts with the basics in easy to understand terms - and then step-by-step presents how to accomplish 2 specific goals. It is important to understand this is not an abstract theory book. It tells PRECISELY how to obtain those 2 goals in real, usable ways that you can easily do yourself requiring little time or effort.

     First, you are presented precisely how to maximize empowering your marvelous and even miraculous cellular body personalized to your unique self. Your cellular human body is so extraordinarily capable of preventative and curative powers it boggles the mind and science may understand 2% of how the human body functions at the cellular level. The 75 trillion cells of your body are designed to act in harmony for the purpose of keeping you healthy and well. So the first goal is to tell you exactly what they need to do their job.

     Part of this can be facilitated with hydrogen peroxide and the book tells you the multiple ways you can use hydrogen peroxide for that purpose. The author then tells you what else your cells and vital organs need. What they need, the must have to their job. But that is all they need, so it’s neither difficult nor costly.

     Second, it presents what are most damaging and crippling your body, wearing your body down, and defeating your autoimmune system leading you to experiencing increasing minor and then serious health and wellness collapse. Starving your cellular body internally and externally - while allowing it to be under constant assault internally and externally - ultimately can lead to a catastrophic cascading health and wellness collapse affecting your physical and mental health and wellbeing. every aspect of your health and life.

     You cannot be or stay healthy if your cells are starved, weak and depleted while at the same time under massive assault by pathogens, toxins, micro-invaders and deadly chemicals. You cannot become and stay healthy if your cells are increasingly becoming weak and sick.

     On health and wellness topics, most people become lost in the forest. There is so much information that it is easy to become lost in that forest of information. In our so very populated world it is easy for a person to feel alone, particularly if facing serious health challenges. The author wants to assure you that you are not alone. There 75 trillion creatures of your own cellular body that are totally devoted and loyal to you. Their entire purpose of existence that has developed across time itself is to serve you. How well are you serving them in return?

    Isn't it time that you and your body are on the same team? YOUR cellular body is telling YOU what they need. Few people listen. Yet your health – physical and mental – is dependent upon your cellular health.

     While this book is easy to read and understand, this is not a children's book either nor does the author treat you like one. The topic is a serious as a topic can be. The subject is as complex and as simple as this: If you cellular body loses its battle for health and wellness, your health will increasingly fail you, the quality of your life will increasingly degrade and you will lose your life. If your cellular body is defeated, you are defeated. If they win, you win.

     There are many “good” books on health and wellness discussing one aspect or another - accurately or not. But nearly all either foolishly claim there is a single magic bullet you can buy or never truly address to the true final complete question in REAL terms: What should we do to be and stay healthy in a world where degenerative diseases and health failures are a growing epidemic? It explains the whys and hows in specific, practical and realistic ways that you can follow and use in step-by-step easy ways. The last 2 chapters put it together to a complete story putting you in control your physical wellness.

    The author has researched and personally involved in this topic for decades. Professionals who collaborated on the book have lifetimes of exploration and research for this simple - but life decisive - question.

What if your cellular body could decide?

If you were in a library that had every current book on taking control of your personal health and wellness and could only pick one one to read, which one would it be?

What if your 75 trillion cells, vital organs and autoimmune system could make vote on which one? While there are many good books on the topic, they would pick this book. 

     If you can read ordinary English this book is easy to read and what it proposed is so very easy for you to do. This book will change your life in so many beneficial ways. Your 75 trillion cells of your body, autoimmune system and vital organs need you to read this book.

     If you only read 1 book or do one exploration this year into your personal choice options for your health and wellness, this is the book.


     You've seen all the advertisements and promotional materials hundreds of times. Someone claims they have some secret way or so special pill, powder, or specific way to cure dozens of diseases and health problems - listing many. They promise it will cure cancer, Alzheimer’s', HIV, sore muscles, eliminate pain - they promise any and everything for which you are to just believe them. That is hardcore say-anything-to-make a lot of money selling a fast thrown together book.

     For books on such topics, usually over half the book will ramble on making accusations and presenting conspiracy theories against government and the medical industry - which accurate or not actually has nothing to do with the topic one way or another. As for all the health promises they make they rely on personal anecdotal stories, which may be true or not, and which proves nothing. There a wealth of information to share so your time is not wasted on space filling irrelevant topics.


     Since you are considering a book on the topic of hydrogen peroxide therapy or usage, the book starts directly on that topic. It explains what hydrogen peroxide is, what kind of hydrogen peroxide to use and not use, and what to beware of. The author then explains in easy to understand specific ways how to use hydrogen peroxide both internally and externally for oxygenation, therapy, detoxification, and purification that is personalized to you.

     The author also tells you how not to use hydrogen peroxide in terms of safety or misusage – critical information others leave out. The author does not hype-up hydrogen peroxide as some foolishly do. Although it is a pure and non-toxic substance, it also is very powerful and that power can be used to tremendous benefit. But is also must be used wisely. Even if you have read old books on hydrogen peroxide, you should read this one.  

     The 2014 True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path To Wellness also presents the many other ways you can use hydrogen peroxide to your benefit in your real day-to-day life.   

     The author does not waste your time with dozens of pages of irrelevant lecturing to fill space nor treat you as if you are foolish. Rather, the author goes directly to the first primary topic of and the book - hydrogen peroxide for health and wellness.
     Having FULLY presented the fantastic benefits and ways to use hydrogen peroxide, the book continues to present EXACTLY everything else that your cellular body needs. You do not need 20 pages of lecturing about government, industry and conspiracy theories. Instead, this extraordinary book always goes to the point. When if the topic simple, the other presents it directly. If it is more complex, the author explains it in a way anyone can understand.

     The author, who is personally experienced with hydrogen peroxide therapy and usage for over 3 decades, also presents what is in your life and personal space, home and environment that increasingly degrading and crippling your body. Rather than lecturing for a dozen or two pages about who to blame, the author identifies in exact terms what those are, what the sources are, how to eliminate them and what are suitable and even beneficial replacements.

     As you read - and it is easy to read - you increasingly see how many extremely well respected and heavy-hitters in personal health and wellness issues are the author's sources plus explain it in a logical manner.

The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path to Wellness next provides you with a summarized list of practically application and for usage of this information in your daily life.

     Finally, the last three chapters bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to a whole picture for your health and wellness needs and benefit.

    Although a single authorship, many of the most respected advocates and researches in hydrogen peroxide therapy with decades of experience and insight collaborated to make the True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path To Wellness because this is the whole story of information people can truly use and need.

    The book is comforably readable and easily understood, while conveying a wealth of information and knowledge for both personal insight and in real-life applicable ways. While there are many old "good" books on hydrogen peroxide and on health and wellness topics, this book is extraordinary for the level of truly usable information for a total health and wellness program and way of life.

     On the topic of hydrogen peroxide it covers all of the aspects fully for internal, external and real-life usage ways more completely, personalized and efficiently than any book before. It also provides critical warnings lacking in other books on the topic. The author then continues to tell you the rest of the whole story of true health and wellness.
     The 2014 True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide; Miracle Path to Wellness is a wonderfully useful book that is worth a little of your time to read. If you could enter a bookstore that had every current book on wellness and your cells could vote which book they most want you to read it would be this book. This will will not only change your understanding of personal health and wellness in ways that will dramatically benefit you.

 If you only read 1 book this year for your personal health and wellness this is the book.

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