While this method of hosting used to be very common, now numerous completely diverse and unconnected individuals and companies on the same website collection can lead to confusion. People will wonder why wedding services, Harley Davidson rentals, psychological counselling, specialty fuels, health supplies, pool supplies, lawyers, ministers, judges, government offices, politicians, doctors, books, artists, hotels, museums, restaurants,  and dozens of other organizations and individuals (we have alot of friends!) are on the same website collection and how they are related to each other. The answer is that they are not related to each other at all.

This method of having one main website with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of sub-pages for different individuals and companies used to be very common in the early days of the Internet for cost and search engine placement. DFWX.com pre-dates search engines selling placement spots by many years. For over a decade many, many DFWX.com search terms were on the top of all major search engines as free placement - and many still are. We know the total number of visitors to all our pages since 1998 total into the hundreds of millions. It is much smaller now in traffic compared to then.

While we do receive complaints that some pages look odd or old or outdated, that should be reassuring to you.

The Internet is plagued with every possible fraudster suddenly posting very professional websites - which are made by simple free templates - and after grabbing people's money after shipping junk or nothing and maybe even stealing personal, credit or banking information they vanish. Most people with flashy websites making themselves look like real companies really are doing business out of their apartment or kitchen. This is very sad and victimizes so many people.

Most on our website collection have been in business for years or even decades. This should be reassuring to you. "Old websites" of established companies are FAR safer than flashy websites that just came up. Most of those are grab-your-money and run outfits. Those on our website collection are not.

You might notice most pages lack the super-corporate look, flashy graphics, and heavy visuals of new template-built websites. Most pages that are updated are still being done the old-fashioned HTML and even DOS language way. We have so real Internet dinosaurs here! But most leave their pages focused on explaining what services or products they offer in words, rather than glitter and flash. This probably means the majority of readers of DFWX.COM pages are a little on the older side used to reading materials, rather than watching video games and high computer graphics movies. We like to think people who visit our pages actually think before they buy or make decisions - and make those decisions on reasoned words, not fake professional looking template built pages.

Actually I looked it up on one of the count companies. I like the second half of it.

"This site reaches approximately 31,253 U.S. people daily. The site attracts a more educated following."

One other thing we increasingly notice. Most new template built fake corporate or business looking websites are here this month and gone the next (maybe with your money too). But DFWX.COM with its older style, word based web pages and those on it just keeps on going along year after year after year.

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