Guardian Of Eden Product shipping

Shipping restrictions:

We can NOT forward or reroute hydrogen peroxide once it has been shipped and would have to charge you shipping both ways if returned to us due to a bad-address.

We will not ship to any military base or local, state or federal government facility.
Security precautions since 9/11 have lead local, state and federal officials to enact various inspections, restrictions and guidelines of any item coming into their specific facility. There is no standard set of rules and they vary from location, locality and facility. Packaged delayed for inspection can become lost for weeks. During this time, the only information we have by the shipper is that it was delivered, while the customer has not received their order. If returned, we also will not know of the return for as long as 6 weeks. To avoid these potential issues, we will not ship to any address that appears to be a military facility, or any local, state or federal facility.

We can not ship to Alaksa, Hawaii or any foreign country.
Hydrogen peroxide products can not be shipped by air carrier under federal regulations. This prohibits shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. Each foreign country has their own regulations and laws related to any chemical product. We have no manner to know what such current laws are or whether air travel would be involved in shipping. While we could ship salts and emtpy bottles to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, the shipping charges are extremely high and delivery can be delayed. The S&H rates do not reflect the higher shipping rates.

All shipping is by ground shipment only as hydrogen peroxide products can not be shpped by air.
We also can not ship overnight or by air shipment.

Special note concerning shipping of hydrogen peroxide to Canada:

The Canadian Department of Natural Resources has requested that we advise on our website that hydrogen peroxide of 30% or higher concentration cannot be shipped to Canada without special authority and reporting. We do not ship hydrogen peroxide in concentrations of 30% or higher to Canada under any circumstance.

Shipping usual takes 3-5 days, but my take up to 7-10 days.
Ground shippers generally allow themselves up to 10 days for delivery, but it is usually half this time frame. Delivery by the shipping company depends upon the particular distribution center and delivery personnel with your route.

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