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Hon. Judge Mark Ovard (ret)

Welcome! Come visit with us in the Garden of Eden...

It is easy to become lost in the maze of products on the Internet. Which ones are real? Which ones will benefit you? This website will answer the most core question: What is the highest health priority, which ones do you truly need?

Guardian Of Eden, the premier source of dietary and health supplements, now offers for the first time many of their top shelf products to the public at affordable prices. The core premise is that it is nature that provides us health, not chemicals or magical cures.  The answer to health and well-being is to return to the Garden.

Why are you so hungry? Why are you so tired? Why so often feeling poorly? Emotional mood swings? Difficulty to focus? Avoid looking at the bathroom scale or in the mirror? More often at the doctor's office? The reason is because you are starving - even if you eat 5,000 calories a day.

Modern agriculture practices, the heavy levels of chemicals in our life, the high levels of stress and the extremely poor quality of our diets are devastating to people's health, immune systems, metabolism and even mental ability.

 Back in the 1950s, the U.S. Department of Agriculture began warning that agricultural land was becoming devoid of minerals and other essential elements that our cellular health requires. Each generation of agriculture diminished the nutrients in the soil until essentially none remain. Only increasing mega-doses of nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides and use of extremely fast growth crops allow harvesting before the plants themselves die for lack of nutrition.

Your body knows what you need. You don't have to measure water to know you are thirsty, look at a thermometer to know if you are hot or cold, or look at a clock to know its time to sleep. All of this is instinctive even beyond our control. Our bodies, our cellular body, will attempt to force us to do what is best for us. Our bodies will demand we eat if our body, our cellular body, is starving.

Throughout the history of life itself, the essential elements our cellular body's needs came from the food we eat and the air we breathe. The atmosphere was rich in oxygen. Food was rich in all essential micro nutrients. But those elements are no longer in our diet or our air. So your body demands that you eat. Constantly. Because your cells are literally starving and suffocating. Your body will never stop nagging you to eat more. Run very far and quickly we're gasping for air. Even your mental abilities and emotions will  increasingly fail you until you end the starvation and the suffocation.

If you do, the ending of the sense of hunger and the results of true full elemental cellular nutrition are incredible. You won't feel hungry and metabolism running at peak so you will lose weight. You'll have physical energy, an empowered immune system and clear mental function. In many ways it is that elemental.

Even if you consumed 10,000 calories a day, you're starving. No matter how many empty calories, sugar, starch and hydrocarbons you consume, no matter how many prescriptions, herbs or other remedies you take, those will not provide any essential cellular-health elements of what just a few generations ago your body would receive in one ordinary meal. This does more than cause being overweight. It is devastating to your health. Your metabolism falls, your immune system weakens, you keep putting on weight despite dieting and dieting products, the functionality of your organs from your heart and liver to your brain and lungs become increasingly inefficient - because your cells, your body, is literally starving.

Guardian Of Eden is best known in inner circles for their exclusive clientele' including many of the rich and famous, people of high worldly success.  If a person obtains all that they wish in a worldly sense of wealth or fame, security and possessions, relationships and peace of mind, what is then their priority? There are people who do obtain such success, often reaching it later in life. Yet as they come to realize the fruits of their efforts or just good fortune, they also see those around them falling to health collapse. They are more often visiting friends in the hospital and attending funerals. Those they know are suffering from strokes, heart attacks, lost of energy, lost of mental focus, failing lungs and too rapidly deteriorating physical appearance while themselves increasingly at the doctor's office.

No medicine, no potion, nor remedy or herb, no prescription or homeopathic, comes close to matching the curative and maintenance power of your own immune and metabolism system functioning in full force rather than your cells starving.

What some come to realize is that all they have, everything, becomes valueless and irrelevant if they lose their health or life. It is a very true statement that the truly wealthy person is the person who has their health. It is a tendency of people who are successful to also be intelligent in that they think things through and aren't easily mislead or fooled.

They quickly realize that the key to maximizing health quality of life isn't found in the supplements section of Wal-Mart or the mall health store. They instantly see through the maze of hoax and scam websites offering every claim by way of fake testimonials, premade website templates and fake credentials that cite non-existent studies. They also come to understand that with hundreds of thousands in hospitals and doctors offices with full waiting rooms of sick and desperate people, the answer has to be somewhere else. They come to realize that the answer goes way back - way back to the Garden of Eden when the earth was pure and generous.

This is the customers and clientele' of the Guardian Of Eden with their advanced product line of both elemental cellular supplements and their unique cutting edge exotic solutions offered nowhere else in the world. Guardian Of Eden now is publicly offering many of its finest products at affordable prices and many for less than you would pay for the hyped-up junk and hoax products now too often found online seeking their next victim customer.

We owe a very special note of appreciation to Mr. Trudeau for daring to help bring the topic of elemental health and dietary support out into the open. This has been an underground secret of the most studied and knowledgeable natural health and dietary enthusiasts.  (Never think natural solutions aren't powerful. There is more power in nature than us mere mortal humans could ever create or even imagine.)

Stop feeding the hoax products with your money. Instead feed yourself, your cellular body. Come back to natural reality.

Come on a journey. A journey back home. Allow your cellular body to come back to the Garden of Eden for just a couple minutes a day and see the change to your health, your mental outlook and your life.

Come. Visit us in the Garden of Eden.

Hon. Judge Mark Ovard (ret)



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