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     A Personal Review of Sea Soak / Body Purification

Personal review comment -
    One of our staff member's wives here at DFWX (we distribute Guardian Of Eden products)  has had advanced lupus and severe arthritis for many years. She regularly visits her doctor and takes all prescribed medications. However, despite pain medication and prescription sleeping pills, she often found the pain and discomfort was simply too great to continue day to day activities and often experienced severe difficulty sleeping plus then waking up in discomfort. Many evening she would remain awake until 2, 3, 4 in the morning being both unable to sleep and fearful of how much she would ache in the morning.

    She found noticeable real relief to the muscle and joint pains - and sleeping difficulty - with the following, though it important to note she continues to follow all recommendations of her doctor and her physician approved of what she added.

    She uses an ordinary foot spa available at any Wal-Mart with G.O.E. Sea Soak (but not Body Purification) whenever her feet are aching during the day. Most evenings and occasionally during the day before a short nap, she will take a long soak in the combination of G.O.E. Sea Soak and Body Purification. Her husband has always had to help her out of the tub and still does for safety reasons - common for people with severe arthritis.
    After about a 15 minute hot bath soak, she will briefly shower off using a tub stool (so there is not dry salt on the skin afterwards). She now also sleeps on two massage cushions turned on low under a blanket on her matress (a firm water bed) which also has magnets. She also increased levels of calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, plus takes Glucosamine and Hyluronic Acid for (joints and joint fluid), Co-Q 10 (for energy), a general multiple vitamin and uses G.O.E. Jutrian Rx for the trace minerals.

    She often tells of how wonderful the change in the quality of her life has been since. "Flair ups" of Lupus are nearly a thing of the past. But mostly she now can find relief for the more severe and sometimes physically and mentally crippling effects of arthristis - and of how she finally sleeps comfortably and peacefully at night.
    Physical pain, muscle discomfort and joint ailments can severely damage the quality of a person's life beyond the actual effects of the physical condition as its worst effect. But as a person ages or faces physical ailments, needless or addressable pain not only reduces their pleasure in life, but also restricts their fulfilling their purpose in life towards themselves and others.

    None of us are immortal and many medical ailments still do not have miracle cures - despite all those who claim to sell miracles in bottles of herbs, "new discoveries" of self-remedies and other snake-oil type products of the same miracle cure pitches as old as history itself. But far too many people suffer needlessly for conditions that methods for addressing the condition has been known for hundreds or thousands of years.

    The importance of good nutrition in terms of vitamins and minerals has been known even in ancient times and the earliest methods of treating muscle, stress and pain discomfort has been hot mineral and salt baths. The importance of Magnesium is well understood in the established medical field and among atheletic organizations. Nor does such addresses to physical ailment justify nor necessitate a person disregarding the professional advise of their doctor.

    Guardian Of Eden is a premier company of somewhat esoteric individuals who take personal health care very personally. Many of the short list of products they offer publicly are unique and not offered by any other company in the world (though some come to later try to copy their products). To read more of G.O.E. you could follow this link, though it is very long and often difficult to follow.

    G.O.E. Body Purification and Sea Salts plus magnesium blend is not offered by any other company under any label or product ingredients and is a unique offering by them.

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