My personal experience with Jutrian Rx...

I have been involved is health supplements on and off for years and believe they help. But my involvement had only be sporadic and unorganized. It would range from taking 35 pills a day to none at all for weeks. I would never keep up with it, so it was always a roller coaster.

Guardian Of Eden is a ghostish company that seems to float in whispers in the background. I had heard of it, but knew little more.

Jutrian Rx is considered the most exotic of their supplements. It is controversial. The formula continually changing. Ordinarily the price is beyond what most people can afford including myself. However, in a close-out sale, I bought a half of quart that makes 75 gallons of drinking water. My curiosity was high as I now had one of the most expensive and controversial supplements in the world and rumored a secret weapon of professional athletes.

They recommended that I follow the instructions exactly and that I add 2,500 mg of calcium with supporting magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, and take 3 ordinary multiple vitamins a day. I obtained the calcium from Guardian Of Eden which was not expensive and bought cheap vitamin pills at Wal Mart. They also recommended I buy a bio-cleaner of digestive tract enzymes, which I bought at a GNC. They seemed overpriced.

What, if anything, would their "human rocket fuel" do?

There was no effect the first day, but the next day I woke up ravenously hungry. It was explained this is because my body is demanding more in response to being feed minerals and higher oxygen. However, my body does not know what brought this into the system so all it could do was make me feel hungry and hope I pick the same thing.

They suggested that I select my diet both carefully and also reasonably for the next few days, as I would be conditioning my body as what it likes and my desire for certain types of food would match it. The highly suggested not going to an extremely healthy diet that was not realistic, but also do not just gorge on sweets.

This desire for food and feeling thirsty continued through the third day. I was hungry and thirst continuously.

On day 4, I had a sudden but short case of diarrhea (the runs). They explained this is my body "carrying out the trash". I lost 3 1/2 pounds that day and it did not return.

I also noticed that an ache in my wrist had vanished, I was sleeping well at night, and had more energy, but also seemed calmer. The effect was subtle, but notable.

The sense of hunger vanished around day 6. I was drinking more water, but was no longer looking in the refrigerator every hour for something to nibble on. Candy bars at the gas station did not seem very attractive to me.

On day 11, I looked in the mirror and I looked terrible. My eyes were bloodshot and I looked worn. It was a little alarming.

They told me that I an not following the instructions and am cheating in the sense of using more than recommended. They were accurate. I had increased the dilution level from 8 to 12 or 14 drops.

"You must not over do this." They explained that while the body will absorb and store all the minerals it needs and no more, it will just keep taking and using more and more oxygen. They also suggested that my cells were "going crazy trying to catch up for chores undone for years" and that I need to let them slow back down a little. "They do not know if you will continue feeding them this way, so they are racing to get things done. This will pass if you set a routine and they condition to it."

"You are supercharging, over revving," was the explanation.

"Your eyes are red because your blood vessels are really opening up to pump this oxygen. Your cells are running wide open now because they will use and burn as much oxygen as you give them. Red blood means oxygen rich blood. You need to back off and follow the instructions."

They said I should just stop taking it for a couple days and generally recommend days of "fasting" from supplements to allow the body to always balance itself out.

I stopped taking any supplement for two days and by the second day the redness in my eyes was completely gone.

Their overall suggestion is to take supplements for 2 weeks and then skip a week. That it is ok to occasionally just skip days anyway and occasionally acceptable to increase amounts as well such as before a competition, a high stress day or just in general.

"Altering your schedule allows you body to make necessary adjustments and prevents continually being off in ratios and amounts."

Within a month it seemed I was setting my routine. I was systematically losing weight, but gradually. Maintaining a diet was easy and the idea of stuffing myself at an all you can eat restaurant just seemed repulsive for no apparent reasons. Candy bars started having the attraction a cow patty would, I just was not interested in them.

Aches and discomforts were gone, my nights seemed very peaceful sleeping, and my energy level high. The mental effects also are very pleasing. I do not feel stressed out or wound up and somehow feel more in self control. That building up of road rage anger while driving vanished as those things seem trivial. I feel in balance and in harmony with myself, if that makes sense.

This is an impressive product and it does seem to be a whole system supplement. There has been no dramatic change I can perceive, but a collective effect that can not be denied. I no longer procrastinate, physical exertion no longer seems so much like work to be avoided and even is enjoyable, eating right is desirable rather than nearly impossible, and I feel like I am in self control for the first time in many years. I no longer have bouts of rage or depression. I am no longer at conflict within myself or with my body. It is a difficult shift to describe, but a very good one.

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