Marry at the Courthouse?


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After over 10 years of officiating weddings at the courthouse, I stopped. Put simply, getting married at the courthouse is a rotten experience.
Sitting in the hallway with lawyers and probations - possibly for hours - is neither fast nor romantic. Courthouse weddings also are
not cheap.

Marriages that start at the courthouse -
                                                                         end at the courthouse.
The divorce rate for courthouse marriages is over 80%. More than 4 out of 5 marriages that start at the courthouse
will end at the courthouse.
The courthouse is where you go for a divorce, not a marriage.

How long will a courthouse ceremony take? It depends on when the judge has time to see you. That might be minutes, hours, or "come
back tomorrow."

Candidly, many couples go to the courthouse wanting a fast, cheap, and easy marriage ceremony. But that probably is not what really
will happen. Nor is getting married to be treated like a dentist appointment. Getting married can be fast, easy, cheap -  romantic & fun.

For less cost, time and effort, you can have an elopement without dressing up or fuss - BUT that also is romantic. easy, cheap and memorable.


(Fast, Cheap & Easy & Romantic Weddings. A fast, cheap & easy wedding also can be Romantic - and the way
you want.

You can be married anytime, day or night, any day of the week. Just the 2 of you - no witnesses required -
or have a few friends or family. It's not real fancy, but cozy and a bit laid-back casual.

We will come to your location - house, apartment, backyard, park, or any other in the Metroplex - no witnesses required - just the
 two of you or as many as you wish.

$95 Monday  - Friday (except Friday evening and holidays)  - anytime day or night at our location
                          $125 the location of your choice.

$125 on Friday evening (5 pm or later) Saturday, Sunday & holidays - anytime day or night  
                          $150 the location of your choice.

Fast. Easy. But still romantic and meaningful.

Dress as casual or formal as you wish. Blue jeans to tuxedos - your choice. You can make a dinner date in the evening of it, come by
after work, or a wonderful
Sunday elopement - for a fraction of cost and time of the courthouse - out in under 15 minutes if you wish.

To elope you will need to get a marriage license at the county clerk's office ($42.00). There is a 72 hour waiting period (they put
the date and time on the license. Any marriage within 72 hours is void under Texas law.
Give us a call and we'll explain it. It's easy.

For more information about marriage license - click here: MARRIAGE LICENSE

To read about the Hon. Mark Ovard click here: Hon. Mark Ovard

To book your wedding - anytime day or night, call us at:
 (972) 445-1329 Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant, Rockwall & Hunt County, Texas

Or e-mail us at

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