Who owns your photographs?

Your photographer does, unless you have a release of copyright.


All professional photography is copyrighted automatically. This means that the photographer may sell your pictures to anyone whether or not you like it.

More importantly, it means that you will not be able to get duplicated made, now or ever, if the photographer's name or business appears anywhere on the photograph or negative. Processors are very liable if they reproduce copyrighted materials and they WILL refuse to duplicate any photograph with the photographer's name on the photograph or the negative.


We do NOT put our name on the back of your photographs or anywhere on the negative strip. We also will give you a full written, full release of any copyright on your photographs and negatives to do as you please. The only use we might use of any photograph from your wedding is as samples of our work and for our portfolios. This way, you own your photographs and may have as many duplicates or enlargements made from them or the negatives in the future.